Where the fear of success rules involves

Napoleon Hill quoted in his course, "Law of Success". "Fear is the dungeon in mind, which entails isolation. Fear brings in superstition and superstition is the killing of hypocrisy of mercy on the soul."

When fear is in control of you, there is no chance of success; You're afraid to take the chance to trust yourself and your confidence is not there. If you fear what people will say or think of you but you will not take the opportunity you need to take. If you fear being in trouble then you will not do what it takes, do not make certain decisions or ask for a particular person.

If you hold fear of failure that is just what you must achieve, failure; You are judging yourself in the life of life without hope in your eyes. Remember that the thought, especially something like fear, in your mind according to great emotions (fear) will burn in subconscious mind and guide you down the path you emphasize.

You must begin to demand the best and remove fear from yourself. Begin by putting the icon Napoleon Hill in from him: "Everyday, I'm successful." You can play with and edit or add it as you try to overcome.

Find pictures and stories about the people you admire and keep them close to you. Look at the pictures often that day and read the stories as well. You must begin to rebuild yourself and get rid of your fears.

The one you need to get rid of is the fear of failure. All success failed many times in their lives before they finally reached. Do not follow the rules that some have been publishing just to build a name for themselves and sell books; and it would be to fail fast and often.

The problem with this approach is that they focus on failure rather than learn from it. You always focus on success and achieve your goals. Remember that you are leading to and attracting the thought that you most dominate in your mind; so if this dominant thought is failing, that's exactly what you're going to get every time!

Take a record of yourself and fear you have; try to discover why you have this fear and when you remember to be afraid of them. There are many NLP and hypnotherapy methods to overcome your fears.

Methods that you can start using yourself are to take the least fear and start defeating it. Say you're afraid to talk to people you do not know; Try to go to a busy place where there are plenty of people and when you pass people, just look at them, smile and say hello; nothing more, just hello.

If you're having trouble, go somewhere where you know you'll never see these people again and try it again; All this while telling you these people do not know me and I will never see them again.

If this is a special fear, it's not something you should start with, start with a little fear and work your way up. As you conquered every fear you are confident will build and you will start to trust you.

Many people are afraid of what others will think of or say about them. What you need to realize is that you give the same people control over your life! These people you are so worried might think less if you are successful or not.

Ask yourself how many people you meet last month that you thought about the negative thoughts you remember today; and of those you have to do, do your thoughts affect that person in any way?

You must cope with and defeat your fears or they will conquer and destroy you. Living in fear is nothing but oppression in the corner of life, hoping no one will say or think bad about you, because if they do, you will surely die on the spot.

Wait. You still alive I'm sure someone in your life now has said something negative about you, or even something very nasty. But you still alive? How can this be? And wait, people like you? How is it possible when there are a handful of people who can not stand for you?

See how this thought is discussed when someone else tells them? So why do they keep so much weight when you tell them about yourself? That's because there are prevalent thoughts that you hold in your mind that hold you back

It is your fear that controls your mind that destroys your life; and only you can overcome those fears.


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