The easiest way to grow your children: Parent in this new era with Hooponopono

Parents can be easier than you think, definitely more rewarding and effective if you only remember a few truths.

Oponopono, Ancient Form of Problems, teaches us that our experiences and memories cloud awareness of who we truly are and how we can make the life we ​​want. As we grow older and every day, we have to worry, fear and insecurity, which creates restrictive faith based on reviews and opinions. Finally, we must be separated from those we really are and start losing our relationship with nature and the universe of God (our pure source).

Concerns, fears, insecurity, judgments, opinions and opinions are just "errors" and Hooponopono can help us to destroy them. Haha, oponopono is like spending the key on the keyboard on our computer.

Most of the problems and hardships of our children are controlled by our memories. Many of these problems are created by programs in our memory bank; They start to play, and then our monitors come up, which in turn means that we respond to our children in a certain way. Our reactions are just memories that reflect.

One way to delete the memories that create the problems (errors) with Hooponopono, tell them "thanks" (press the Delete key) instead of resisting them (talking to the screen).

My teacher, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, who I studied for 12 years, always says it's easier to teach a chair to do Ho oponopono than to teach people because people think. We are always thinking, comparing and telling stories. We are always trying to understand!

I always find it much easier to teach this term to children. They do not complicate issues with unnecessary optimization, nor feel they need to understand it all, like us! Of course, children in my exercises have been the best treat for me. I get so much sincere confirmation from them because, as you know, the children are much honest with their feelings because they have not yet received any memories that control them.

When I say to the children, "Just say," thanks and go, "the kids go cheerfully and jump and drop, repeat" thanks. "When I tell adults to say" thank you, "then let's say," The adults ask, "How do you say thank you? Do I have to mean it? Do I have to find it? Do I have to think of something when you say that?" We are always trying to understand, but there's nothing to understand, we just have to do it (just press the delete key). Analyze everything, just do it?

Do you think your kids are here for you to teach them to tell them what's right and perfect for them? In fact, they are your experts and have come to teach you. They are here to give you a chance to delete those applications. If you do not know what's right for you, how could you know what's right for them?

Long ago, a mother came to me after a conference and told me her son wanted to tell me something. The boy was 8 years old and said: I told my mother, & # 39; Thank you for moving me. & # 39; I am going to practice this, so I will have fewer problems when I grow up. "My mother asked her about her problem. She wanted my advice. Then I looked at the boy and asked him," What would you tell your mother? "And the boy said," I would tell her to worry not much, do not take it so seriously. "I told the mother," The next time you have trouble ask your son! "

Your kids have come into your life to show you what you need to work on. Do not be afraid to solve problems with them. You will be amazed at their connection with inspiration and how wise they are. They know better , because they are cleaner and more real with their feelings and thoughts. They are just waiting for us to get it!

Children respect you, they do not listen to you. Your love and self-determination are important to our well-being. the best we can show them is that we love and accept us we are. this is the best gift you can always give your child and this will help them avoid looking for love and consent from the outside world as we did. 19659002] Love is the wind under your wings. You need to love yourself, be happy and put the example. Loving parents make loving children and baby you children make a loving world.

After waking this truth (I was very skeptical and closed minded before), I told my boys:
"You know, you can be happy now, you do not have to wait like me. "I also taught them that it's ok for them to get up and do what works for them. See, I realize that this sounds selfish than what I found when you do something for others or you put others first (even your children), if it does not work for you, it does not work for them. When you're okay, your kids are okay. It's not the other side. The time of the sacrifice is over. You have to wake up. Because when you're happy your children will be happier. You can not give them what you have not.

Do you want to know how to interact with your children effectively? All they need to hear from you is: "I love you, thank you for being in my life." And the best time to tell them is when they are asleep and their subconscious mind hears you. When you do this, go straight to their hearts. Even if your child no longer lives with you, talk to him or her when you know they are asleep! You will get much better results.

And if you do not feel like saying so high, you can also repeat it spiritually every time you think about them or feel like participating or responding. It even works if you get rid of your teeth. Remember, you're just pushing the Delete key, so you can do it mentally and it works, even if you do not feel it or feel it right now.

When you do this, you can just relax giving those who know them better, the permission to take care of them. You do not really know what the kids are up to and / or experience in this lifetime. Thank you for their existence and what they come to give you, and everyone will reap invaluable benefits.

Every time you say "thank you" or "I love you" (even spiritually when you do not find it) instead of
responding, trying to control and worry, will you give your children God, to guide and protect them. Remember, God created your children and knows what's perfect for them. You do not.

Children are the future and we can change the world by helping our children keep their joy with self-love and self-acceptance. And by teaching them that they are alright as they are, they have unique abilities and it's ok to be different.

It is my hope that one day unhappiness will be an exception, not a norm. I believe in my heart, this is possible, and with Hooponono, we can get there.

By Mabel Katz


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