Operational research: Tool for all users in complex times

What are the pictures that come to mind when you think about research? Perhaps by stilted academies in the ivory tower research about things around them, put up obscuring tests, or questions asked in the malls of big companies, try to get into our heads to get us to buy more of their product? Certainly you do not think of a tool that you can use when you're surprised by a complicated problem or when you revive a life or rebuild business. What would you think of them if you heard the term & nbsp; action research & # 39;? It would probably follow that they were actions that the aforementioned company assumed we would buy their products. Well, fortunately it's not at all. Operational research is a tool for everyone to use – a particularly helpful tool during these complex times.

Yes – research is often conducted by scholars and / or companies who try to understand our sentiment as consumers so that we can buy more. But no, action is not made by companies, and if it is done by scholars it's helping to improve the world rather than study it like a bug under glass. Research actions are usually performed by ordinary everyday people like ourselves, people in business, education, health work, public administration – family or Fortune 500. We have all the problems in our lives that we love deeply and action research helps us to do that indicates memory and solutions to issues that are more accessible whether they are personal or professional goals.

Operational research is actually a "tool for complex times" because no matter how difficult or overwhelming the problems we face, this process can help.

What is the matter? We commit ourselves to take three steps in each batch and go through as many bouts as we need to finish. First, discover all we can about the issues we face. Secondly, we undertake to take action, to make some adjustments to improve, and measure our results at the same time . Finally, we regularly take part in Thinking Exercise which takes our perception of our issues as we go through the process. Sounds simple enough – right? Yes, the simplicity of this process is disarmament – and very very very effective.

Why does this work? For two reasons: First, because we tend to be overwhelmed by our troubles – and working this process allows us to take one step at a time – and help us to work before our insult. Second, we encourage us to act as we do – engage in the energy of data on our behalf. We know we are very successful when we have numbers to pick it up. Or if the continuing movement is not enough, we know that too and can make changes.

What types of problems won? Actions Research works both big and small. There are stories from all over the world where action studies have been used by governments to change how a group of people did their job or offered their services. It has been used by tribes in Africa to find water, raise cattle and build a better life. It is also used daily by people who want to change habits, or build a better or healthier life.

How do I get started? Focus on anything you want. Then divide part of the paper into three parts: discover, measurable actions and reflections. While other articles will spell these steps in different situations, you can start by continuing to do what comes naturally when you think about discovery, measurable actions and reflections and not far from.

First, discover what is known in the world about your content. This is done by using the library and the web and asking other people what they think and know. Finally, you decide that there are a few steps you can take to improve your situation – so you are these steps. However, because you've committed to measuring the results you need to know where you started, so you can recognize the effects of your steps. Finally, and sometimes most of the time, you monitor what has happened and how you feel, what you think, and so on. This will connect your efforts and keep you grounded.

What will I get from trying this technology – this feature analysis? Simple and still very consistent. You will feel more powerful because you will know that you are asking for something that had slowed you down. Some say it changes them from victims when they face difficult situations to be in control.

The situation you are working on will improve. But first, we must continue and be ready to change ourselves. We can not solve our problem from the place where we sit – a new perspective is needed. Then, in our understanding, in the development of our actions and because of this process, we see that real reforms begin to shape us.


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