6 things you should stop doing

Recently I wrote an article on how to give a good first impression and you do not get another opportunity to give first glance. But almost everything else in life you get another chance if you pursue it and leave the past behind you. A new beginning with minor changes and habits can greatly affect your life and here are some ideas to begin:

Stop trying to be someone you are not – With & # 39; system & # 39; We live in that we are forced to become what other people want us to do. What I say sometimes is that "we are born to be successful but programmed to fail" by our society. Do not fall into this trap; step outside the box and make your own opinion about who you want to be and how you will do it.

Stop complaining – What's easiest to do in life is to complain and blame others for everything that's going wrong in your life. Some fool can do it and some stupid can use excuses. Different problems and obstacles that arise are just just a test of your character. Will you be driven down or will you win? Nobody wants to be around a complaint so pick you and take care of it. Take responsibility for your own life.

Stop scared of making mistakes – One of the great when you're like you're back and seeing the mistakes you've made in the past. Now a big problem has been created, but learning from them is privilege. Being your own teacher from experience you will understand the more mistakes you make the more you learn. It gives you the opportunity to not make the same mistake again because you already know about the first hand's consequences, but it also encourages you to challenge new things and not be afraid to make mistakes. It's a win-win situation.

Stop spending time with wrong people – The definition of "wrong people" here can be so much. Wrong people can be negative people who always complain about problems and always have an excuse to justify their misfortune. Stay away from these vampires & # 39; as they will suck all the positive blood that flows through your veins. They will always rub their negativity on you. Wrong people might be the people who are jealous of you for all the wrong reasons. & # 39; right & # 39; People, however, are the ones who stand with you when you need most of them. When you're at best, many will follow you but when you need help, how many will stand around offering their help?

Stop viewing information – Always print & # 39; that we sometimes see reading, but it can change the meaning of all the messages. Just like reading grocery brochures delivered to us as they will happily advertise "from 20 to 25 all groceries with 30% discount" and then under a small print you notice it says "offers are valid for purchase over $ 100 ". This is just an example but we experience the same things through our lives with details of detail that translate so much for us. A friend could call you to ask how you are, you do not worry and you chat away, but is not that a good gesture? Is not this person worth holding up as close friends?

Stop taking an easy way – When things are difficult or you've decided to make your first response, you'll be & # 39; which way is the easiest way to take & # 39; It might be easiest, but if you take this way, will you learn something? Will it help you get new things in your life? Will it help you get closer to your goals you've set yourself? The answers are probably not & # 39; because as long as you're in your "comfort zone" it will always be the way it is. Make unexpected and better results; You will be surprised what you can achieve.


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