Why understanding is the key to everything

Two different circumstances on the same day gave me the depth of life in a meaningful manner. Understanding is the key to everything.

First, the young woman had been extinct by her parents and missed them so much. They also missed her. There was enforced separation in time due to the project she was working on in a remote location. But the homeland crowd hurried to progress. Her parents had given her all the support for this new call. The challenge was simply to deal with it.

Secondly, the mother of five, who was in a hospital, had a surgery that had complications. A relatively simple method had not gone into a plan. Pain was now a problem and a woman able to put an end to pain was strictly above the limit. She wish it ended. Her hope was completely evaporated.

Both of these circumstances prove that understanding is our greatest help. In both cases there is a pain. In both situations is purchased after departure and conditions to run from. But both of these situations show how you can reach your own way over the grain against the truth.

Understanding is where our thoughts and feelings match the thoughts and feelings of God.
It's incredibly hard!

We might feel like we simply can not go on. But we only lack understanding. Understanding does not promise us a way out of what we promise. It simply aligns us with God the truth. Understanding does not miss strike. Understanding can not lie. Understanding of agreements with God in each and why continuing in a difficult way.

If the young woman can in the first condition push down, she will get through. She needs to be able to discuss homework with someone who has sympathy, warmth and anger – individual counseling. Such an approach will soften a sufficiently very strong policy, to proceed; there is a resolution in advance to complain. Understanding knows that if it passes through them, it becomes appropriate to communicate with their parents.

If, secondly, our five mother is able to bear the pain and she needs a lot of support, she will show a good understanding. It's probably the hardest thing she'll ever do. And she should be popping every step.


Understanding accepts the truth of life that can only be recognized in truth.

The hardest truth in life, when accepted, proves that we understand life. Understanding life is the key to life.

When we take things that can not be changed, we understand, and nothing can strike us.

Understanding of life is to accept the truth we must accept, because it is no matter to condemn them.

Understanding will prove the golden gate of all life. It's a nature put together with concern.

© 2015 SJ Wickham.


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