Thank you for your success

It is said, "We do not have the right to ask when sorrow comes," why did it do for me? "" Unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way. "I want to paraphrase it a bit:

We do not have the right to ask when a failure occurs," Why did this do to me? "Unless we ask the same question of all the success that comes to us.

A part of being grateful for success is to feel a success. You might think of one of the following:

  • Why I? [19659005] How did I get lucky?
  • What could
  • I'm so grateful that this happened?
  • WOW … I'm blessed.

If you've ever heard of "Six-Word Memoir "project, it was started by SMITH Magazine and it has been expanded in many, many types. I encourage you to see it on line and see what you find. It's quite remarkable. But the reason I'll take it up this is my brother once wrote his 6-word book when he was introduced to this idea in church. He is obviously a model of grateful success as you can see from his 6-word: "Bless Ed without faith. Do not you know why. "This is grateful success (and if you hear him say so, you should know for sure).

To experience grateful success, here's what you need to do:


If you would like to get a twist on these two, read:

Every day, check daily performance of all sizes, features and circumstances – and thank you Thornton Wilder said,

"We can only say that we are alive at the time when our hearts are aware of our treasures."

Now I do not care who Thank you for taking notice of your success ( your treasures), but say, "Thank you." You can thank the universe, supreme creature, other people around you, your happiness, your ancestors, your genetics, your brain – I have but I know we must have mind success in ours – when they occur.

Tennessee Williams pointed out that

Success is locked by focusing on it and organizing it …. Success is shy – it will not come out while you watch on.

I love it! You want to be grateful for the big and small performance that prevents you. Just as you are aware of your mistakes – and grateful for them, so also to monitor your success. So,

# 1: Notice your success

# 2: Say thank you to them … Loud, as often as possible.

See what difference this makes for you. Thank you for your success.


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