Important principle of Vedic Self Help

Indram Vardhanto Apturah

May we strengthen our strength and progress!

One sentence represents the fundamental principle of Vedic philosophy – life means growth. So far, we are growing, we are working in sync with life-style. As soon as we stop growing, we are in the hands of the devil. Now, this principle along with the first principle is an example of maximizing happiness by maximizing our growth. As soon as we limit our knowledge or understanding of truth, we limit our level of bliss. We leave the opportunity for further happiness. We use deception and ignorance, because we regard them as truth, and consequently gain a limited bliss from them. But if we have to further enhance our happiness, we need to further strengthen our knowledge, break the feathers with deception and ignorance and reduce more happiness. This is a continuous journey in life and the only natural way to live – healthy and honorable.

As soon as we stand, the moment we stop this process of knowledge, or try to limit it, or try to reverse it, we are countering our fundamentals. To put metaphorically, we are digging our own grave. In order to pursue obvious happiness, we cling to the dark grave of frustration, excitement, sorrow and sorrow. It is impossible to limit nature. So this motivates the growth of channels into all sorts of areas – some very undesirable, some less undesirable and some simply self-propaganda. So we see so much of terrorism, warfare, drug abuse, pornography, wastebies, drugs, mental illness all over the world. This is nothing but the manifestation of the souls to cope with this force to nature that requires us to grow, progress and approach the truth.

The soul consumes the bulk of its life in addressing this urge for growth without understanding the problem and continues to fight through life in various forms. Sometimes it will drown into various varieties of ignorance and bliss, sometimes it will try to express itself repeatedly, sometimes it will embarrass emotional pleasure as the sensual senses, sometimes it will tend to evolve further and then reverse direction due to other constraints. And finally, when mortal death takes over, the story is over.

Usually we tend to believe that growth will end by completing physiological growth (body growth). It is about the fact that our education also ends. And we continue to live in deception as growth is over. However, if you have studied a little about your brain, you would realize that it is the most complex system we know in the entire universe. We know almost nothing about the brain and how it works. But from what we know, possibly the brain to learn, gaining skills and gaining knowledge is actually unlimited. And we also know that the brain is like other muscles. The more you use it, the stronger it will be. Stop using it and you lead to dementia. This gives the greatest indication of the purpose of our life … the direction of life – to grow further, know further and reach the truth.


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