How to increase download speed – Three tips to speed up downloads easily

Do you want to know how to increase download speed? The Internet is a great source for all types of information. However, if your download speed is slow, you will not be able to maximize its use in full. Speed ​​download is the speed of data transfer from the internet to go to your computer. It is measured in bits or bytes per second. Having a slow download speed can be very annoying because it takes too much of your time when you could have done other things productive.

Below are three tips to speed up downloads easily:

1. First check internet connection from your ISP (ISP). They can detect the maximum download speed based on your subscription. The simplest type is the dial-up where the connection is through the phone line. If you use this type, you may consider upgrading to a broadband connection for faster access. Possibility of Broadband includes DSL (Direct Service Line) or cable connection. Your service provider should be able to confirm their speed for each connection.

2. Prioritize your downloads. If you are downloading a lot of files at once, chances are that the downloads will be slower. First download the most important and then do the rest later. If possible, try downloading only one file at a time.

3. Fix your windows registry. This registry is actually a database that Microsoft created for Windows that stores the settings and options needed to run the computer. When an operation is done like setting up an application or changing settings, a file is added to the registry. This will be timely due to unwanted and invalid entries that slow down your download speed and then have to be cleaned regularly.

It is very unlikely to fix Windows registry manually. You can inevitably delete valid items. There is a need to install registry cleaner software. It will scan your computer for any undesirable, unnecessary and corrupt entries that check them but can be removed safely. It also extinguishes unnecessary applications that are just slowing down the system. Finally, registry cleaner software ensures regular backup so that you can recover the registry in its last known workbook if you could encounter problems.

Having a clean registry is the most important indication to enhance your ability effectively. Just quick scan registry cleaner software and you'll be able to enjoy faster internet connections.


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