How long will you live?

Now an interesting question. How long do you think you will live? How long will you live? Or more important, how long will you live to live? With unforeseen circumstances, your beliefs, and your intentions are as much to do with the length of your life as any other factor, including genetic engineering.

Comics George Burns and Jack Benny enjoyed their lives making over 100, at the time when the average life expectancy was more like 65. I find it fascinating that both survive the 100th birthday and mostly with fairness stopped good health. Elvis Presley talked about, and feared, with his short life, to die at the same age as his mother. Certainly, his confirmation was good. He died at the same age. Michael Jackson did the same thing. He often spoke of his fear of dying like Elvis, and certainly he did.

My friend Vic Johnson was planning his 100th birthday when he turned 50. I told him I'm definitely the oldest person, because I'm a few years older than he is.

Will I live to see my chosen age of 106? I do not know. It's not important but – and this is the key – if I will confirm when my life ends, why would not I do it when I want? I have focused on being healthy, active 106 years old for over 30 years. I tell people I want to know what it's like to have a triangular age. Of course, I'm more interested in how well I live and just think about time.

Here's the key: your words have power. Remember, your subconscious does not know the difference between what is real and what is brightly imagined and confirmed.

What do you say about aging? Do you believe as my friend Ed that "we can all come home soon at a nursing home?" Or are you creating yourself as a happy, healthy, active and living older adult? It's your choice but know that the message you get into your mind over and over will determine what happens. As Earl Nightingale taught the world in his classic audio program, he is the greatest secret "to become what we think about."


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