Change – dealing with inevitable

One of the definitions of change is to form in new situations; whether it is mental, emotional and / or physical. A change occurs literally when what really occurs differs from what was meant. People face this in all areas of life and in completely unpredictable times. Whether people like it or not, and are ready or not, they must be reformed under certain circumstances. It is unnerving, but also inevitable. I've learned through all my life, all I've done, this change will take place and you can choose to fix yourself and progress or choose to stay. They are basically only two options. Let's compare water to a brick. Water flows and can be repaired. If you put water in anything, it will form and adapt to it. Brick is solid, rigid and very hard to remake. To do that, it must break or the container it is trying to form. It's better to be like water.

In fact, we begin to experience a change from the moment we were born. Every day, we live a life of learning new ideas, and the change is often so small, we can not notice it in weeks or even years down the line. Think about seeing a photo a few years ago and how many changes have taken place. Sometimes the change is much more sudden and pronounced. Toddler can contact something hot and learn immediately painless lesson. This was a learning and growing experience for the toddler and he or she will have many of these through his life. How often do you reflect yourself, you suddenly realize that things are much different than they were a year ago. We begin to grow physically, learn unconsciously with events and also experience many new feelings.

As a tourist nurse, in a matter of months, I'm in a completely new environment. No matter what I knew in the past or what I achieved, it does not matter when I went somewhere new. I had to adapt to this change very quickly as I needed to get used to the new environment, study its policies and work well with new staff. I also had to show them that I knew what I was doing. If I did not adapt quickly to the change, I would basically have to take my ball and go home. Having lived and worked in many different places and with so many different kinds of people, I'm quite efficient at dealing with changes.

By working to become a successful entrepreneur, I've had to learn very quickly that ways to market you, do business and handle financial issues develop very fast. If you do not have a good computer and internet skills, you are behind the curriculum. I never was a great fan of technology, but I understand that it's a technical skill to become. In order to succeed in the business world or the business world in general, we need to monitor new technologies. A good website is a must; and if you only accept cash payments, while others can use their smartphones in a variety of ways to receive cash, you will miss a lot of revenue. Gone are the days when you can only take money, as so many different ways to make online payroll exist. These are just some of the changes I've had to deal with in a professional world.

Congratulations on me, I love and embrace change. I am very excited to get new experiences and become really nervous when I go too much habits and life becomes stagnant. This is one of the reasons that I have always held many jobs or companies, sometimes, for my own intelligence because I was not prepared correctly. Nevertheless, I need to change the environment, even if it burns out. Despite this, the change is still very scary, especially to anticipate it. I had to hug it every time, or I would never have managed to get everything I've done. I have not always liked the new instructions I have to go, but I understand the need to just keep up with everyone else.

Many people do not like a change, but it's unavoidable no matter how much we try to avoid it. At some point in life, the change will take place, whether it's at work or in our personal life. The more people are ready to get ahead, the more change they have to deal with. In order for an individual to be able to improve his current situation, both professional and private, he or she will have to deal with changes. We live in a fast-paced world and we must learn to adapt, or we will be left. If we have to develop in nothing, we must experience change and over it. Therefore, we all have to learn to adapt to change.

People who work well in their work, know how to adapt, even if they do not like it. One example is a doctor. Your doctor must be prepared to learn a lot of advances that happen regularly in medicine. This can be new, less invaded, a method of performing complex procedures, or switching to a computer versus paper analysis system. If your doctor refuses to study and adapt to these new changes, he or she will not be able to accomplish his / her work. I remember several times while I was working at the hospital, listening to the doctor and other healthcare professionals who complained about the new computer card system. It was a difficult transition, with some drawbacks; but we all have to change over time. With this new technology, there were better ways to move and track patients & # 39; health information. It is almost impossible for a clinic these days to manage some kind of computer card system.

Business must continue to adapt to new circumstances. They must learn about new technologies to make things more efficient and economical. Is it better to fly everyone to a particular place to have a meeting or to host a webinar? Certainly, the use of the network of the system, when possible, can reduce so much of the costs and energy of people. Customers would also evaluate the time and capital savings in having a webinar against the other option. If a business person refuses to adapt to influx of technology, high income, time and resources will be lost and businesses will suffer; or even end completely.

What happens to these two different professionals if they refuse to regenerate themselves? They will be left in the dust by those who continue to reinvest themselves and how they do things. Do not let this happen because you refuse to continue. Change is a continuous process, but it's worth it if it gets you where you need to be.

How do we respond to a change? The first thing we have to do is accept it, because it will happen. No matter how much we try to keep things unchanged, a change will take place. Remember that what is predictable about life is unpredictable. Embrace the concept of change and keep an open mind learning new things. Even though it can be very scary, then what's on the other side is so much better. Accepting this change will occur, and it will be much easier to deal with.

When you're a teammate, others are willing to help you relieve the changing circumstances. When you are willing to help others, work well with others and allow you to be easy to work with, more will be happy to help you. With the support of others, a change can be easier to accept, or can even be against. How will players become team members? First, take the initiative. If you see a task that needs to be done and you know how to do it, do it. Secondly, if you see coworkers in the fight, help them you can. They will appreciate it and if you do it enough, your goodness will not go unnoticed. Even simple, "Tell me if you need help," can go far. If your utility is not welcome then there is a problem in the other man. Do not let this stop you from giving a helping hand. Furthermore, be prepared to take a few side effects, in a fair way. This shows your bosses that you are ready to help the team. Remember, if others like you, they will help you make changes. Be team players and they will like you.

Remember to always set goals and work hard. With great effort, we add ourselves. With self-esteem, the change in our lives is usually something we want. It's much easier to adjust to change when it's a change towards something we want. Workplace support, for example, involves many new situations: new environment, new colleagues, new working conditions and new duties, etc. If this presentation steered us toward our goals, it will be much easier to fix it because it's something we want.

When setting goals, make sure that it is realistic and reliable. Aim like, "I'm going to write a book someday," is not a good goal. Change this statement to, "I will write a 200 page puzzle novel in November this year." This is a good, solid goal with a certain departure and timeline. A bit of content, on the other hand, when looking for goals, we need to reform and having solid plans make it a little easier to predict and we will be prepared to accept this change towards something we want.

Finally, be ready for life as much as you can. We can not be ready for anything that life can throw on us, but by maintaining proper capabilities, we are more likely to be blind. Learn many different talents from new corporate ideas, to different working hours and working capabilities. Tell you about the basics of dealing with emergencies. Read and learn new information on a regular basis, set up a security network and have as many backups as you can. Why is this important? We never know when a change in our situation will occur. Many times, change, such as losing work or illness, can completely destroy us financially, mentally, emotionally and physically. Being prepared and we can, as mentioned above, reduce the negative impact of these changes and help us get back on our feet faster. Because we do not want to get into an accident, we can take precautions, such as wearing a safety belt and good assurance, to reduce potential pain and suffering if we get into one. Also, when we feel better for life, we fear to change less. Think about it, are you not anxious in life today when you have a good financial pad to fall back? Find as many ways as possible to prepare for life, and then enjoy the trip.

I may have repeated myself several times, but it is important to understand the importance of adapting to changes. Same as people do to do in life, they will constantly improve themselves and their thinking. Otherwise they will be left behind. Change is unavoidable and we have to adapt to it. Many times, change is great for our lives. Fear is often worse than the change itself. Some say that the devil you know is better than the devil you do not. I'd rather get to know the devil, I do not. Usually they are not devils at all. Either way you will meet these so-called demons through your life. So embrace them, be prepared for them and work hard to fix them. We all have it in us to adapt to the ever-present circumstances of life.


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