Top 7 tips on how to sell on eBay

I remember when I first started selling on eBay. I had gone to the flea market, sold in sales sales etc.

I asked if I'd ever heard of eBay. Of course I've heard about it, I never actually went to the site. I was amazed by what I saw! There were people here to sell and buy everything you can think of! It was amazing! It was then that I knew I had to get this action.

But where do you start? That was my first question. So I went on eBay seller pages. There were so many links, I just clicked out of eBay completely and did not go back for a while. I did stay at eBay, but only to buy. After taking part in a moment, I decided I would really try to sell. Hey, everyone else was doing it, why could not I? A

I will give you 7 very useful tips when you start selling on eBay.

# 1: Visit your bank account and open a free account. You need it. I do not want anything i do in cyberspace to change my actual account! It takes a few minutes, and could easily save you a lot of worsening in the long run!

# 2: Sign up with PayPal. This is necessary! More and more eBayers use PayPal, to buy and sell. It's the safest way to trade money online. # 19: Get a good digital camera. I do not mean to go out and spend a thousand dollars on a camera, my first one was 50 dollars. You can even find a good camera on eBay for less than that!

# 4: Take good pictures. If you are selling clothes, take a picture with them together, especially. This costs a little more than it's worth, as it brings more and higher deals at the end of the auction!

# 5: The tried-and-tested fact of all eBayers must be known. Close your listing on Sunday night, between kl. 21 and 12. This is when most eBayers are on and you get both buyers looking for & # 39; new & nbsp; listings and buyers who are looking for the perfect deal, last minutes of the auction.

# 6: Ships all over the world. Why? Simple. Quite a few sellers will not be in addition and trouble & # 39; of ships around the world. (trouble because you need to fill out paper for the post office) This takes about one minute of your time and a lot of my sales have come from abroad!

# 7: Handle all the customers you have as your friend. Actually they are – that's why you're in business, right? Please sell your product with caution, make personal thank you, etc. A simple additional step from you is to bring happily back to customers and customers of mouthwash!

There are so many tips and tricks for the "eBay Business". And some sellers might get mad at me to tell you this secret but I do not care. I finally became well, and these are just some of the things I've learned through my tests and errors with eBay.

Good Luck Sell!


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