The Magic Of Speed ​​Reading!

Speed ​​reading is an art you learn over time. However, people always believe that some are especially talented in all abilities. But the truth about the matter is that you can be anything you want to be. All you have to do is define the areas you are passionate about, set goals to understand it, use an action plan as a vehicle to master this field or skills then you become an expert as long as you have enough will and willingness to follow through. Speed ​​reading is no exception.

If you want to gain talent in the reading space, you will need enough passion and willingness to take on all the fastest reading methods, apply your mind to it. To help you, try scanning every time you get content you want to read faster, try reading it. Take titles and signatures and go into the body, start reading, but be sure to focus on the author's thought instead of the words so that when you encounter hard words you can omit it and still understand the content of the content.

We will test materials in science and see how well you will be in this field. Look at the explanation below and try to read it:

The Guru That Demystifies The Light Theory

The Famous German Science

Born in the 1800s, Albert Einstein was a genius that was presented to prove the current light theory wrong in his high school.

Einstein's attempt to prove the current Newtonian Mechanic theory wrong led him to a bad name and hence he was considered a rebel. The government opposed this behavior or a new announcement from "no one". When he saw that the school would not judge him, he quit schooling and continued to prove the doctrine wrong for the eyes of the world. This causes the birth of Brown's explanation of the motion of light molecules. Einstein went further to establish the light of light and continue to teach others about his new discoveries.

As a speedier is the first thing to consider. The title tells you what the content is about. As you look down on the text, the more closely describes the title and this will begin to open your insight into the subject. When you reach the first paragraph, you already know that the story is about Einstein who came from Germany. This will help you read quickly as you can when already familiar with the story. When you go on another paragraph, try to scan through and understand the main ideas as quickly as possible. Try to see if you understand what you went through.

A typical fast-paced will define it this way

Einstein discovered defects in current teachings of the time and seeks to correct this by proof instead of just claiming to be wrong.

The above summary can cause a quick reader to scan through the first sentence and select the main ideas and then proceed to another that has all the basic information. The first sentence opens our eyes on what content is referred to and as it is familiar content, the main thing quickly becomes the second sentence for ideas. So you will not have to read every word of the article to fully understand it. Along the line, if and when you encounter hard words or strange words, let go of familiar words that describe the subject, then come back to the word meaning of these words.


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