Speed ​​reading methods: Use patterns to maximize your train speed

When I completed the 1500 primary healthcare account in 50 minutes, many people asked if I read each word. Have you ever wondered what is a faster reading actually when they blow through content over a dozen pages a minute? The answer is very simple, you do not read every word. Speed ​​readers have learned to read patterns and use these patterns to understand material at very high speed. This article will explain how to accomplish this.

Imagine that you were looking at Mona Lisa's face. If I were asking you the name of this artwork, what would you answer? "The Mona Lisa." What if I asked to tell me the name of the famous artist who painted her. Now what would you tell me? "Leonardo DaVinci." If I asked you if this painting was a lot of money, what would you tell me? "It's worth the fate. More money than almost anyone could afford to pay." This may seem like fiction, but it's actually an exercise that I use when I teach people to speed reading. Let me explain.

I actually show people a photo that contains only the face of Mona Lisa. When I ask the exact questions that I just asked for in your spiritual exercises, you receive the same answers regularly. Once they have answered the questions, I will show them a full picture of Mona Lisa. I suggest that all she could see was her face. Yet, with only the face visible, could they answer all my exact questions. More importantly, they answer the questions correctly. How can this be possible?

I discovered years ago that the brain does not read words on its own. Instead, read the pattern. When you see a part of a familiar pattern, like the face of Mona Lisa, your brain can set up missing information to which it belongs. When you see the speed of the reader reading through long text very high speed, they are doing the exact same. Let me show you how.

Your brain has information already stored in its memory. When you look at something, this is related to information that you have already saved, but only to see some of these data that can remind you of all the information in your memory. Over the years I have read over 30,000 books. I have a very large database of information. While I read, even at very high speed, I often find patterns that I already understand. This allows me to read very quickly with excellent understanding. So how does this relate to someone who learns how to speed up reading for the first time?

There are two skills you use while reading. You are either learning new information and inserting it into the database for the future, or you are drawing on the current database. Both skills are part of learning to read speed. However, you must always read faster when you already have some important information you are reading. In the next article, I will explain how to speed up reading in alien text.


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