Speed ​​reading methods and define some reading games

The average character read between 200 and 400 words per minute and reading technology can improve speed. There are many advantages when you learn this great valuable talent. Students can read sections faster and get better grades, but leisure travelers can read more books in less time. People in the business world can get more done in less time by reading faster. There are, however, some read the myths that this article will talk about and how the use of speed reading technology can ease these myths.

The first myth of speed-reading is that true reading is word for word. Reading a book, magazine or article word for word is one of the main reasons why people read slowly. The best way to speed up reading is to read groups of words instead of just reading words for words. Another myth is that reading is a tricky task. As you increase the speed you read, you really study and understand the next level. Reading can be fun and adventurous and when you increase your speed, it will be exciting too.

All parts of the book are equal. This myth is rested because the author of fiction books will use a lot of filler and even graphics in their books so that the myth that all parts are equal are false. Magazines, textbooks and articles have all fillers, more than others. So to say that all parts are equal are actually true and believe that this will help you read faster.

Big myth and one that is totally false is that speed reading will reduce preservation. Studies have shown the opposite effect. The mind works best when new information is incorporated into it quickly and when the mind has to slow down to compensate for slower reading comprehension. Speed ​​reading helps understand because faster information can be input, the lesser the mind has to slow down to process it.


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