Speed ​​reading and learning tips – choose your friends carefully to maximize your studies

You want to increase your learning and understanding. You also know that emotional conditions can greatly affect your ability to learn and use information. Did you know that the friends and affiliates you choose can greatly affect your emotional state and your ability to study? Let me explain how in this article.

Everyone has different anxieties. Our individual fears and attitudes are well known to us. However, it's not as simple as what determines how anxious you are believing. Recent studies show that the social impact of your anxiety can be very profound.

An investigation was conducted by David Eliam at Tel Aviv University. His study included a social animal called vole. Voles have a single anxiety like men. The attempt was to exclude a group of vacancies in the presence of owls on the barn. Child owls are natural predators on these rodents. What happened was quite striking.

When the owls were released and fly over the bird that was safely placed inside the cage, the answers were what one would expect. Each animal responded according to its own particular anxiety step. In other words, they showed their individual level of fear. But it soon became apparent that more occurred.

When the groups of vacancies, whose anxiety levels are very different from each other, were used in the experiment, the results were somewhat different. The difference between their special anxious answers changed. Their responses in a group were very different, but their answers as individuals. What discovered was very important for you and your study. In a group of voles, anxiety responded as the same amount of level. In other words, the stress of the owl caused them to respond more to a group and less as an individual. Their behavior united in group norms rather than reflecting their characteristics. This also has a major impact on your learning.

Human beings form societies continuously. There are major liturgies and agreements shared by groups that help to shape their individual characteristics. Therefore, these results are so important in the ability to learn and succeed in life. If you surround yourself with people who are positive. People who respond to challenges and stress as an opportunity to move them forward and succeed are more likely to express these same qualities yourself. However, if you surround yourself with people who constantly complain about life. Take each problem and expand it as a major barrier. You must also experience life as you are more burdened.

You want to succeed. You want to get the best results from the speed of reading, learning and everything else you do. The people who surround you greatly affect your ability to fulfill your dreams. Choose your colleagues carefully to get the results you are looking for.


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