How to take a representative – without stress!

Support management, especially when the company's reputation is on line, can be difficult. You may fear that you forget to send something about the project, you may not know what to hide, you might think you can not hire anyone and if you are something like me, you are very critical of the work of others, which can make the delegation very terrible.

Go back for a moment and think about your ideal. How would it run, how much money would it do, how many would help you? Draw a picture of it in your mind, or on paper if you are so inclined. What looks like your office? Do you have a secretary secretary, a conference center, college assistant? Think Big! Is your private jet waiting for you at the airport to move to the next meeting or talk to you? If any of these thoughts looked at you, you must be nuts thinking that you can reach this point yourself.

Delegating can be difficult, but trust me, once you've done it several times it can be very addictive. Here are some simple steps to ease your mind and help you decide what to hide and how to go about it.

What to hide

If you have trouble deciding what to hide, try to list a list of everything you do daily, weekly or monthly. Is there something on the list you do not need to join? For example, if you're a speaker, nobody can change you in a video that shows your talents, but you do not have to be the one who registers, edits, and displays the video.

Create a plan

One you have a list of what you need to hide (as I said "need" do not want, as they are usually two different things). General instructions for most tasks can be:

o Description of the project

o Step by step instructions to complete the project

o All relevant files, usernames and passwords

o Deadline, whether this is a single project or something that happens daily, weekly or monthly

That … do you feel even better?

Assign Assignments You've Hidden

Remember you will never have your conference room or private jet if you do not send! Based on the "What to hide" list, determine the skills you need for the tasks you have chosen to hide. Once you have created the equipment, you know who you are looking for. These days, hiring is usually becoming commonplace and can be very cost effective. But how on earth do you hire someone you've never met before? Referrals are the key. And if you do not have someone to give you a referral, make sure you ask for referrals. The advantages of employing are almost numerous. Here are some:

o You do not need any further office space

o No need to maintain an additional office and computer equipment

o No benefit to pay

o No result for sickness or vacation (if you work with a virtual group )

You can not afford further help?

You can not afford to hire additional help. How often have you been struggling with tasks that you know that someone else could do in short? If it takes you 2 hours to edit a text editor on a web page, you need help. Someone who is efficient doing this can probably be similar to that task in less than 10 minutes. So you've just lost 1 hour and 50 minutes that could have been deleted marketing yourself and work directly with your customers.

Imagine where Microsoft was today if Bill Gates had tried to do it yourself.

Support is not easy, but there are plenty of talented, bright and savvy business people who are just waiting to help and take an active interest in your business. Welcome to them with open arms and a folder of projects that are hidden with the name of it!


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