How To Speed ​​Compare Unexpected Places In Speed ​​Read!

Everyday life, we encounter different issues and challenges. These factors touch different articles and seek and sometimes need to take them into consideration when needed for them. In other words, we all met newspapers, magazines, instruction manuals for our electronics or kitchenware. Car manuals, newsletters, magazines and so on.

Manuals we use either for our cars, electrical equipment, computer or other areas are written by sources in these areas. When they write, they write using words that describe the area that specializes in what is not known to people who are not in that area. Therefore, we should pay close attention to all other areas of our lives, which we do not have common knowledge as long as it will benefit us. For the speedwriter, they are certain measures to maximize such situations to read quickly when they face such a challenge.

I'll show you how you – a speed programmer – can beat such a feat in a short period of time. Let's use an example, we will use a manual for cleaning for a popular coffee machine.

When you have access to such a manual, your inability to immediately begin cleaning should be done without fully understanding the safety precautions to follow for cleaning.

Tell the following information about the following parts of the device:

Capsule, protective glass, removable filter, filter cart, disc, reset button, water reservoir.

After you have fully run through the above and then read the cleaning instructions, you must immediately know the components of the equipment and be better cleaned according to instructions.

But before you clean it, it's important that you read the caution usually in the manual close to if not all electronic sets or equipment.

For example, below is an example of how the instructions may occur:

Caution: Never plug water as it may cause electric shock. Be sure to disconnect before cleaning it to prevent electricity.

Cleaning instructions: Avoid the use of hard parts when cleaning the internal device, do not use hands in cleaning as this may cause a malfunction of the device. Use a soft but damp material to clean the surface when cleaning.

Let's check your level of understanding.


1. After reviewing the manual, what is the first step you need to take before cleaning your coffee machine?

2. Are there any precautions that help me to prevent problems while you cling?

3. What are the consequences of not obeying the above command?

4. What cleaning method is provided for me to safely clean the surface and the interior?

What are the answers? Can you tell me?


1. Read all instructions for cleaning operations.

2. Yes, there are precautions that do not use hard parts within the device and disconnect plug before cleaning.

3. Failure of equipment and risk of electric shock.

4. Use a soft moisture content for cleaning inside and outside the equipment.

The most important thing to learn to read quickly on topics you do not know is to monitor, review, scan and see if you can report the information presented there. If there are any terms or statements that you do not understand, you may need to consult the thesaurus or dictionary. Practice reading such manuals and overtime, with other similar topics you will discover to your astonishment that speed reading similar content will eventually be a breeze.


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