Daughters of Narcotic Mothers – Painful Psychological Legacy

There are daughters of narcissistic mothers who have barely lived psychologically. At least, children who are starving to death with anorexia are the only way they could find to save some little milk from their existence. We know these daughters, though their secrets about mother deprivation and abuse are very conspicuous behind the shining face, glowing levels and strong professional minority groups. Captivated since childhood, they are victims of a mother who could not love them.

The narcissistic mother is psychologically united with her daughter. Her cold and lack of sympathy affects her child from the beginning. These mothers experience their daughters, not as unique individuals, but as additions to themselves.

Narcissistic mothers entertained their daughters efforts to become separate persons. Narcissistic mother is jealous of her daughter at each level. This will be especially noted as her child moves in adolescence. Young men start to notice and imply that they are sexually attracted to this young woman. This puts back the Nazi mother. She finds gnawing jealousy in her intestine to compete with her daughter. The mother buries his child and tells her some lies that raise his daughter's trust in her sexual identity.

The mesmerizing keep narcissistic mother has on her daughter can be so strong and ill that the child does not know what she's thinking or feeling. The narcissistic mother takes full responsibility for her daughter's achievements at the same time as she constantly criticizes and reduces her child for initiation or having creative ideas. The daughter who dares to think herself or who goes to psychological authentication is heavily criticized, labeled as an insurgent and striped of some important role in the family.

The narcissistic mother often causes powerful and harmful psychological cracks between their children. Narcissistic mothers pit one siblings against the other and use conspiracy secrets (often lies) to poison and destroy the relationships between their children.

She will choose one child as special. Often this is a child that is particularly attractive physically, very intelligent or shows artistic or musical talent. This child is worshiped by the mother. The chosen child can not do anything wrong, even if he or she is cruel, mean and cheated to others. The chosen child is the perfect incarnation of the mother. Narcissistic mother chooses another losing child. This daughter becomes the target and the lagoon for the expression of her mother's unconscious emotions of her hatred and worthlessness. This baby is a living disposal for poisoning poisoning poisoning drugs.

Narcissistic mothers are never satisfied. If the daughter gets B in her class, they might be A. "Just apply to you, dear. What's the matter with you?" Narcissistic mothers are obsessed with a picture. If the granddaughter is slightly overweight, the mother makes quick comments about the child's body. You look a little thick around the middle; Your upper arms are on the right side. Your friend Sandra is nice and thin. If you watched what you ate on, you could be appealing as it is. "Narcissistic mothers are drastic and cruel, individuals are totally absorbed, cold, manipulative, fraudulent, practical and lacking in the slightest part of human compassion.

Most daughters of narcissistic mothers survive this malignant violence. They learn to close strong emotions and dance with their mothers to save themselves.Some children become very rebels, react with drugs, alcohol or sex and let the family over time.

Daughters of narcissistic mothers can cure the practice of psychiatric treatment One of the first things is to admit and grieve over them the fact that they never had a real mother, someone who loved them and cared for them as a special, precious person. Daughters learn they are not not Mothers, as horrible as they were treated, spend some daughters their lives that interfere with relationships with men resembling narcotic levels they repeat the psychological pattern of youth rather than work through pain to change it.

On the other side of the Cold Transformation, daughters of narcissistic mothers were born for a second time. They are in touch with the beauty of their bodies, the exquisite beauty of their minds and siblings and the great depths of the souls. Now they feel true — completely alive.


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