A simple way to quit smoking successfully

At the beginning of January 2005, I made the biggest and most important decision in my life and it is to quit smoking forever. That night I said little prayer to God: "Oh, sir, let this be my last cigarette! NOT! Amen."

Miracle happens. The very next day I find myself eliminating bad habits! Smoking who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 12 years, tried to quit smoking overnight! Thank god

In the next few weeks or months, my friends who saw me smoking since I was 13 years old could not believe I quit smoking by night. My managers were amazed and they could not believe the reasons I gave them: "I just stopped smoking like this," and I hit my fingers. No one believes me! Even my close friends said, "In the month I'm sure you'll get back to smoking!" But I prove them wrong! I have no withdrawal symptoms and no desire for a cigarette anymore!

And I know the truth; I stopped smoking overnight, without pain and suffering! And I enjoyed every minute of being a smoker! Love and enjoy a moment of it!

Now, before you begin to be religious and ask God for the only miracle you ever wanted, I'm sorry to tell you, God did not give me this miracle. He only works as an incentive (My priest is killing me saying that God helped me anyway, ha!).

October 2005 I found an article that states that there are people who stop smoking within an hour or even overnight! Suddenly I saw I was not the only one who did! Not only that, my church friend also said that her dad left 30 plus years to smoke, that night!

At the same time, my daddy is not a Christian, so I'm sure God did not cure his smoking habits! But I realized something; There must be something we did right that makes us stop smoking so easily! I suddenly thought to myself, if God did not help me, who did it?

These questions continue to daddy, and I realized how easy the whole process of smoking is.

Here are some things I realized and might be useful to you if you are trying or if you help someone you love to quit smoking.

1. Stop smoking just because the cause could be tortured! I've been through this level. It's even when I stop smoking for 1 month. But every time I saw someone smoking or friends who offer me a cigarette, I'll come back to smoke again. I realized that in order to stop smoking forever, I need more than just power.

2. The process of quitting smoking can be painful if you believe it. In my opinion, I believe that God will help me quit smoking, and this really removes the fear within me. I no longer believe that the process of quitting smoking is painful. In other words, if you believe that danger is painful, it will be! But if you can "fix" your mind to believe that quitting smoking is fun then it will be!

3. Every time you tried to quit smoking, you feel like you are spiritual. This is normal. This is just a signal from your lungs, "I need fresh air".

Indeed, all you need is just a little encouragement and proper breathing method, and you must become smoke free forever! There are programs out there that will help you quit smoking without gums and patches. For more information, see http://www.allstuffreview.com/freshstart


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