Is it a good idea to listen to music while you read?

Do you like to listen to music when you read? If yes, have you ever thought how it affects your reading process? Allows you to read faster or slow down? How does it affect understanding of understanding?

First, it must be noted that if you want to read quickly, you must focus on the text you are reading. Your thoughts must be focused and you should not let your mind go away. Bad concentration leads to a slow reading speed. In addition, it hurts reading your comprehension. If your mind does not contain the text, you may lose the song while reading, and you will have trouble remembering the contents of the reading.

It means that the effects of music on the speed of reading and understanding should judge the effect of music on your strength. The question is, music can distract you or may be useful for achieving better strength.

It should be noted that in most cases people's mind can efficiently handle one task at the same time. For example, if you read and talk to the phone at the same time, your reading speed is likely to slow down, you may have difficulty memorizing text and the call might not be as good as you wanted. So, if you want to be efficient then you should not read and talk to the phone at the same time.

If the music we are listening to starts distracting us in such a way that we focus on the music instead of focusing on the text then our reading programs will suffer. If the music is in the background and if it does not attract our attention from the text, the music is not a disruptive part of reading.

Depending on your personality and some people find listening to music that supports their train process, but for others the effects of music may be the opposite. Many people can not feel comfortable in perfect silence. For them, backgrounds can create a more comfortable environment. However, music should be only for the background and that means it should not be catchy. The music should not be so appealing that you start listening to it. It may be to create the atmosphere, but you should not listen carefully while reading. Therefore, a playmaker is better for reading because there is no possibility of listening to the lyrics. It's good if the music is relaxing by its nature, so much metal would not be wise. You can listen to the sounds of nature or music for meditation while you read.

You may also want to listen to music when you are in a noise environment, such as an office where others are chatting, making phone calls, etc. Then you can put on the headset and the music helps you to isolate from disturbing noise. Adding the headset can also help with situations when you are often disconnected from your collections, which start chatting with you. If you have your ears then other people will not normally bother you unless you have a serious matter to talk about.

To find out if the background pattern is good for the reading app, try reading with and without music. Then you can compare in what circumstances you can read more emphasis. Try to track whether the music starts to draw your attention from the text. If so, you can not read and mix music for you or at least you should try different types of music that are less catchy.


How To Speed ​​Compare Unexpected Places In Speed ​​Read!

Everyday life, we encounter different issues and challenges. These factors touch different articles and seek and sometimes need to take them into consideration when needed for them. In other words, we all met newspapers, magazines, instruction manuals for our electronics or kitchenware. Car manuals, newsletters, magazines and so on.

Manuals we use either for our cars, electrical equipment, computer or other areas are written by sources in these areas. When they write, they write using words that describe the area that specializes in what is not known to people who are not in that area. Therefore, we should pay close attention to all other areas of our lives, which we do not have common knowledge as long as it will benefit us. For the speedwriter, they are certain measures to maximize such situations to read quickly when they face such a challenge.

I'll show you how you – a speed programmer – can beat such a feat in a short period of time. Let's use an example, we will use a manual for cleaning for a popular coffee machine.

When you have access to such a manual, your inability to immediately begin cleaning should be done without fully understanding the safety precautions to follow for cleaning.

Tell the following information about the following parts of the device:

Capsule, protective glass, removable filter, filter cart, disc, reset button, water reservoir.

After you have fully run through the above and then read the cleaning instructions, you must immediately know the components of the equipment and be better cleaned according to instructions.

But before you clean it, it's important that you read the caution usually in the manual close to if not all electronic sets or equipment.

For example, below is an example of how the instructions may occur:

Caution: Never plug water as it may cause electric shock. Be sure to disconnect before cleaning it to prevent electricity.

Cleaning instructions: Avoid the use of hard parts when cleaning the internal device, do not use hands in cleaning as this may cause a malfunction of the device. Use a soft but damp material to clean the surface when cleaning.

Let's check your level of understanding.


1. After reviewing the manual, what is the first step you need to take before cleaning your coffee machine?

2. Are there any precautions that help me to prevent problems while you cling?

3. What are the consequences of not obeying the above command?

4. What cleaning method is provided for me to safely clean the surface and the interior?

What are the answers? Can you tell me?


1. Read all instructions for cleaning operations.

2. Yes, there are precautions that do not use hard parts within the device and disconnect plug before cleaning.

3. Failure of equipment and risk of electric shock.

4. Use a soft moisture content for cleaning inside and outside the equipment.

The most important thing to learn to read quickly on topics you do not know is to monitor, review, scan and see if you can report the information presented there. If there are any terms or statements that you do not understand, you may need to consult the thesaurus or dictionary. Practice reading such manuals and overtime, with other similar topics you will discover to your astonishment that speed reading similar content will eventually be a breeze.


Before learning to read speed, know how to measure the reading rate

Various studies describe how long reading is at work. Usually it is about 2 hours a day or about 24% of working hours. Increasing reading rates can be a boost in productivity.

What you recommend adds, what you emphasize increases. Before attempting to improve reading speed, it is wise to first measure your starting speed. Most people can not even try to guess how fast they read, but others rate the rate too slow like typing speed, like 80 or 90 words per minute (wpm).

Here's an easy way to calculate your rate with your own reading. While there are online online reading tests, they usually give you the result, without allowing you to track and measure your reading rate at any time in any kind of reading.

What You Need

– Book – Paperback or Hardback Size Book (for easy billing). Make sure it's easy to read fiction or non-fiction.

– Countdown timer – Countdown timer, stopwatch, clock or watch with seconds.

– Pocket calculator

– Two paper screws or notebooks or pencils to mark the starting and ending points


] 1. Define starting point

Ignore any preface, foreword, or introduction and start in Chapter 1 of the book. Insert a paper screw or sticker or pencil to indicate your starting point.

2. Read for 3 minutes.

When you're ready, start your time and resign for 3 minutes for a good understanding, it's good sense and pleasure. Hold 3 minutes to read and put a pencil or paper clip or character table to specify your endpoint.

3. Check Remember

To check your receipt, turn the book face down and spend 30 seconds by writing some comments on what you can remember. Better than, advise you to perform this reading test with a friend or colleague and replace a 30-second summary.

– Good

– Average

– Fair

– Below Par

4. Calculate reading ratio

Now calculate the reading rate in words per minute. To do this, count the total words read, then change the number of minutes spelled reading, follow the following steps:

a) Number of words on line

To calculate the average number of words on the line, The total word of three lines and divided by three. (Words must have two characters to count.) The usual outcome of the paperback is about 10 words on line. In the back yard there are 12 to 13 words on the line.

b) The number of lines read

Then sum the total number of lines you read. (Two rounding lines are considered as one line).

c) Calculate total order read

For the total words read, multiply the number of lines with the number of words on the line.

d) Words per minute

Divide the total words read by a number of minutes of Spanish reading.

Here is the formula:

___ Lines X Words per Line = _____Total Words 3 3 = _____ WPM


– If your reading rate is ranges from 200 to 300 WPM which is the average reading rate. Most read at this rate.

– If your train ratio is below 200 WPM, do you choose technical reading materials with extreme difficulty? This can reduce the train rate. Or do you often read technical or scientific content at slow speed so that all you read is at the same slow pace?

– If the train rate is over 400 WPM, it indicates that you are not affected by poor reading such as subconsciousness (hear every word in your head while you are reading), or read-back read words, most readers recall 50 or 60 times per page) or fix (read one word at a time with narrow focus).

– If your train rate exceeds 1000 WPM, congratulations; this is a great success. If you also evaluate your understanding and memory as outstanding to very good then you are faster.

Now that you know the current reading speed, the next step is to learn how to read faster.


Speed ​​reading and learning tips – choose your friends carefully to maximize your studies

You want to increase your learning and understanding. You also know that emotional conditions can greatly affect your ability to learn and use information. Did you know that the friends and affiliates you choose can greatly affect your emotional state and your ability to study? Let me explain how in this article.

Everyone has different anxieties. Our individual fears and attitudes are well known to us. However, it's not as simple as what determines how anxious you are believing. Recent studies show that the social impact of your anxiety can be very profound.

An investigation was conducted by David Eliam at Tel Aviv University. His study included a social animal called vole. Voles have a single anxiety like men. The attempt was to exclude a group of vacancies in the presence of owls on the barn. Child owls are natural predators on these rodents. What happened was quite striking.

When the owls were released and fly over the bird that was safely placed inside the cage, the answers were what one would expect. Each animal responded according to its own particular anxiety step. In other words, they showed their individual level of fear. But it soon became apparent that more occurred.

When the groups of vacancies, whose anxiety levels are very different from each other, were used in the experiment, the results were somewhat different. The difference between their special anxious answers changed. Their responses in a group were very different, but their answers as individuals. What discovered was very important for you and your study. In a group of voles, anxiety responded as the same amount of level. In other words, the stress of the owl caused them to respond more to a group and less as an individual. Their behavior united in group norms rather than reflecting their characteristics. This also has a major impact on your learning.

Human beings form societies continuously. There are major liturgies and agreements shared by groups that help to shape their individual characteristics. Therefore, these results are so important in the ability to learn and succeed in life. If you surround yourself with people who are positive. People who respond to challenges and stress as an opportunity to move them forward and succeed are more likely to express these same qualities yourself. However, if you surround yourself with people who constantly complain about life. Take each problem and expand it as a major barrier. You must also experience life as you are more burdened.

You want to succeed. You want to get the best results from the speed of reading, learning and everything else you do. The people who surround you greatly affect your ability to fulfill your dreams. Choose your colleagues carefully to get the results you are looking for.


Online Speed ​​Reading Tools Help Increase speed reading

To increase speed of reading, many tools are available in network speed ranges. Many people want to increase the reading speed of computer components such as having to go through a large amount of study material, thick novels and other books and magazines of interest. At school, the student is asked to stand up and read out loud in the classroom. This is done to ensure that students have a good flow and speed of reading. Still some are sluggish and continue through school life. This creates problems at universities and universities when students need to study and understand a lot of written work in the form of books and explanations.

Websites Have Speedy Locking Devices

Speed ​​reading means not only that you can read at high speed but also that an individual should understand, understand and memorize important parts while reading. Many methods have been applied by scholars to achieve this goal; The latest is the train program and the tools available in various reading areas online. The websites have online tools like Meta Guiding, audiobooks, visual scanning, skimming, withdrawal and excavation.

Some popular reading techniques include reading the structure of the reading. When your goal is not to memorize or go to detail but just for general information and an overview of content, read the introduction and conclusion of a case. If this matters, you can hasten the entire article for more information.

Another method is to pinch or group a number of words. Our brain works with a group of words or events together. Therefore, if we try to split three to four words at a time or sometimes a small matter at a time, it increases the speed of the reading and contributes to the understanding of the content.

While reading, use hand ideas

In elementary schools, you are instructed to read by pointing the words with a pencil or mark. This technique is effective because the eye is able to focus more on words and not darts from one part of the page to another. Skip common words like "the", "a," "an", "to" and much more boosts the speed incredibly. All readers need to do is practice that overview of these words every day and then to see if understanding is the same as if he is able to comprehend the text in full.

Scanning and auditing are two very effective online reading methods. In this you must scan the entire document first and just read the title, the text, the pictures and the pictures. This will give a pretty good idea of ​​the content of the article. After that, the text will still be the only review for keywords. Then, hold the text aside. When you return to the text after a week or so, you will see that you can continue a lot.

Last but not least, we consider better vocabulary. In this, if you know a large number of words, you will not be stuck due to unfamiliar words and understanding will be better. The online speed reading technology is very effective and the websites have many tests designed to see progress for you.


Speed ​​reading methods and define some reading games

The average character read between 200 and 400 words per minute and reading technology can improve speed. There are many advantages when you learn this great valuable talent. Students can read sections faster and get better grades, but leisure travelers can read more books in less time. People in the business world can get more done in less time by reading faster. There are, however, some read the myths that this article will talk about and how the use of speed reading technology can ease these myths.

The first myth of speed-reading is that true reading is word for word. Reading a book, magazine or article word for word is one of the main reasons why people read slowly. The best way to speed up reading is to read groups of words instead of just reading words for words. Another myth is that reading is a tricky task. As you increase the speed you read, you really study and understand the next level. Reading can be fun and adventurous and when you increase your speed, it will be exciting too.

All parts of the book are equal. This myth is rested because the author of fiction books will use a lot of filler and even graphics in their books so that the myth that all parts are equal are false. Magazines, textbooks and articles have all fillers, more than others. So to say that all parts are equal are actually true and believe that this will help you read faster.

Big myth and one that is totally false is that speed reading will reduce preservation. Studies have shown the opposite effect. The mind works best when new information is incorporated into it quickly and when the mind has to slow down to compensate for slower reading comprehension. Speed ​​reading helps understand because faster information can be input, the lesser the mind has to slow down to process it.


The Magic Of Speed ​​Reading!

Speed ​​reading is an art you learn over time. However, people always believe that some are especially talented in all abilities. But the truth about the matter is that you can be anything you want to be. All you have to do is define the areas you are passionate about, set goals to understand it, use an action plan as a vehicle to master this field or skills then you become an expert as long as you have enough will and willingness to follow through. Speed ​​reading is no exception.

If you want to gain talent in the reading space, you will need enough passion and willingness to take on all the fastest reading methods, apply your mind to it. To help you, try scanning every time you get content you want to read faster, try reading it. Take titles and signatures and go into the body, start reading, but be sure to focus on the author's thought instead of the words so that when you encounter hard words you can omit it and still understand the content of the content.

We will test materials in science and see how well you will be in this field. Look at the explanation below and try to read it:

The Guru That Demystifies The Light Theory

The Famous German Science

Born in the 1800s, Albert Einstein was a genius that was presented to prove the current light theory wrong in his high school.

Einstein's attempt to prove the current Newtonian Mechanic theory wrong led him to a bad name and hence he was considered a rebel. The government opposed this behavior or a new announcement from "no one". When he saw that the school would not judge him, he quit schooling and continued to prove the doctrine wrong for the eyes of the world. This causes the birth of Brown's explanation of the motion of light molecules. Einstein went further to establish the light of light and continue to teach others about his new discoveries.

As a speedier is the first thing to consider. The title tells you what the content is about. As you look down on the text, the more closely describes the title and this will begin to open your insight into the subject. When you reach the first paragraph, you already know that the story is about Einstein who came from Germany. This will help you read quickly as you can when already familiar with the story. When you go on another paragraph, try to scan through and understand the main ideas as quickly as possible. Try to see if you understand what you went through.

A typical fast-paced will define it this way

Einstein discovered defects in current teachings of the time and seeks to correct this by proof instead of just claiming to be wrong.

The above summary can cause a quick reader to scan through the first sentence and select the main ideas and then proceed to another that has all the basic information. The first sentence opens our eyes on what content is referred to and as it is familiar content, the main thing quickly becomes the second sentence for ideas. So you will not have to read every word of the article to fully understand it. Along the line, if and when you encounter hard words or strange words, let go of familiar words that describe the subject, then come back to the word meaning of these words.


Speed ​​reading methods: Use patterns to maximize your train speed

When I completed the 1500 primary healthcare account in 50 minutes, many people asked if I read each word. Have you ever wondered what is a faster reading actually when they blow through content over a dozen pages a minute? The answer is very simple, you do not read every word. Speed ​​readers have learned to read patterns and use these patterns to understand material at very high speed. This article will explain how to accomplish this.

Imagine that you were looking at Mona Lisa's face. If I were asking you the name of this artwork, what would you answer? "The Mona Lisa." What if I asked to tell me the name of the famous artist who painted her. Now what would you tell me? "Leonardo DaVinci." If I asked you if this painting was a lot of money, what would you tell me? "It's worth the fate. More money than almost anyone could afford to pay." This may seem like fiction, but it's actually an exercise that I use when I teach people to speed reading. Let me explain.

I actually show people a photo that contains only the face of Mona Lisa. When I ask the exact questions that I just asked for in your spiritual exercises, you receive the same answers regularly. Once they have answered the questions, I will show them a full picture of Mona Lisa. I suggest that all she could see was her face. Yet, with only the face visible, could they answer all my exact questions. More importantly, they answer the questions correctly. How can this be possible?

I discovered years ago that the brain does not read words on its own. Instead, read the pattern. When you see a part of a familiar pattern, like the face of Mona Lisa, your brain can set up missing information to which it belongs. When you see the speed of the reader reading through long text very high speed, they are doing the exact same. Let me show you how.

Your brain has information already stored in its memory. When you look at something, this is related to information that you have already saved, but only to see some of these data that can remind you of all the information in your memory. Over the years I have read over 30,000 books. I have a very large database of information. While I read, even at very high speed, I often find patterns that I already understand. This allows me to read very quickly with excellent understanding. So how does this relate to someone who learns how to speed up reading for the first time?

There are two skills you use while reading. You are either learning new information and inserting it into the database for the future, or you are drawing on the current database. Both skills are part of learning to read speed. However, you must always read faster when you already have some important information you are reading. In the next article, I will explain how to speed up reading in alien text.