Why you can not speed up reading

This article will show you the most important blocks of roads that prevent you from reading faster. Learn the methods to avoid and eliminate them.

Keeping Focus On

The most important step in your reading is to focus your attention. Keeping interruptions will be the main obstacle for speed reading your success. So how are you dealing with the disturbance of the animal. Well, first of all, to control your environment. Closed room, ideal temperature, comfortable working environment is absolutely essential for your performance. If your work, study or reading is inviting and comfortable, continue concentrating on concentration.

The next thing you need to do to make sure you manage your time really. A maximum of 25 minute bursts will keep your mind fresh and active for more information. Make sure you take a 5-minute break between these bursts. Move physically away from the subject … Your mind needs time to work out.

Limited vocabulary

The next barrier would be limited vocabulary. As you progress your way of reading faster and consuming more knowledge, this will eventually be less of a problem. But while it's around you, you need to take the necessary steps to deal with it. First, you must stop it from interfering with the reading flow. Mark which words you are having trouble with and proceed. You can check it later when you've read it. Thus, the momentum of reading is faster, but you can still use the necessary knowledge. And as the part of you did not understand before, you can check it later and add it to the vocabulary vocabulary.

Difficult Content

When you work this way through an information company, you are required to trace information that is not from your depth. This is not a problem. This just means you are filling the game and you should be commendable. So the first thing you need to deal with hard stuff, to admit it and go slowly on yourself. The last thing you want to do is to beat you up for a better try.

The next thing you need to do is lower the speed of your reading. If the content you are reading is harder than your average read, the pushing speed will only lead to rebuilding and extreme frustration. Reducing speed will allow your mind to pick up with themes, sentences and general messages from the content.

Do not forget to use the usual fast reading technology like preview, step, and proper comment. Using these methods will not only ensure you load faster but also means that you will learn to use these new information much better in your knowledge base so that next time, hard stuff will not bother you anymore.


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