Who else wants to know about increasing speed reading using a memory card?

Reading Speed ​​is a way to improve our reading skills so we can receive and understand information faster. In the current period of overload information, speed reading will be a great blessing to a good tide of the flood of available information.

Just think about reading this article. Most people read how young children read and convey letters to a letter or word. The period in which an eye rests on the word before you get next is called "fix". Most adults read one block of words to another in continuous flow. Usually they could move back to the prejudice block of words if they are unclear about something. These disturbances on the train flow are known as back-backs and "# 39;"

The most common problem is undercrowding. When your eyes cross the train item you will find that you are reading the words quietly. You may find it a little bit movement of the tongue or throat. Such sub-certification causes discrepancy between train speed and thought speed.

One way to overcome this problem is to trust yourself from one to ten or repeat the sound "aye & # 39; & # 39; aye & # 39; aye & # 39;. As it becomes impossible to vocalize both, there is a sure way to break the habit of sub-vocalization. You will soon find out that you are not working the words in your tongue or throat, but at the top of your head, an area called & # 39; thought stream & # 39;. Because your reading rate is in line with your rate of thought, your reading speed and comprehension greatly improve.

Another method is to accelerate your eye movements. As your eyes move faster than you can under-vocalize, your sub-vocalization will gradually decrease and stop. Use a glass screen to draw 2 vertical lines in a felt tip, 5 cm wide, with the text wrapped inside it. Look at your eyes at & # 39; Z & # 39; pattern down this center strip, slightly faster.

Since your mind is not reading words for words, it is required to fill out the gaps and # 39; This involves the mind building associations and patterns in written text. This leads to greater understanding and increased memories of reading material. The mind can actually replace words without losing meaning.

When you take your eyes down a central strip of text, you expand your vision's extremes. This leads back to the right brain in the train process. Thus, you will use much more of the skills of the right to form and build organizations and links within the subject.

So fast reading is not just about how fast you can read. It takes a lot more of the brain, thus increasing your understanding and creativity. Speed ​​reading is a master tool especially for those you create a non-linear, non-linear teaching method, open visual stimulation and ambitious.

Mind Map is one such great tool that can help you read speed. The core of Mind Map is the use of nonlinear ways to write, using a lot of organizations, colors, images and other visual imagery tools. As a nonlinear method, it uses passwords or phrases to move to thoughts or phrases. By describing Mind Map technology, you learn the artwork using precise words and phrases to convey your thoughts, know the power of the company to understand the total, and deepen understanding and be receptive to visual effort to increase your memory.

Working with Mind Maps, you'll know how to track your flowing thoughts, without hindering speed and flow. Software sharing is the additional tool for speed reading. By applying powerful methods to improve mind, Mind Map prepares you for high-speed shooting.

When you can track your thoughts with successful passwords, you will soon know how to give a full idea of ​​your racing. Mind Maps therefore can serve as an invaluable tool to not only speed up your thinking process, but also to take them down effectively.


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