What needs to be a speed examiner

When Peter learned his new talents, he realized that he could now read more books and magazines in a short period than before. He knew he was getting better and he wanted to be a better reader but he also had other interests that took his time. He had a friend and family that he used to spend time with and liked watching TV. He was also active in sports. He continued to read his speed book and found a representative every time he learned something new or drilled. He continued to make notes.

Speedometer readings

  1. Decrease the fastest. Look at the word and move forward, do not fix each word.
  2. Look at two or three words at a time. Better than look at sentences or thoughts.
  3. Read with purpose. If your mind knows the reason you are reading, he will analyze and acknowledge the words and mark much better.

Peter used to read biographies, especially of people who succeeded in something. He would look for reasons why they were successful and try to apply them in their own lives. He wanted to examine these secrets of success and apply them to read his speed.

He learned about the power to set goals and clearly defined goals and goals to achieve something. He learned that it was not only important to have a plan, but it was equally important to implement this plan. He realized that his ambition was not just for now and now, like a star athlete at school who only cares for memories of the rest of his life but he was developing skills that would only improve over time and really help to add value to his life in many different areas.

Some attributes or successes of secrets that Peter learned about and would apply to his pace of speed were desire, faith, focus, and practice. He knew he had a desire, but he learned that the people who felt very well in their field had the burning desire to be the perfect best they can be in their chosen areas. With desire comes the decision to do what is needed to be the best. He had faith and believed that he would be able to increase the current reading speed and understanding. Even though he was busy in other areas of his life, he would concentrate on pursuing a speed dialer.

He set goals and would read them daily and this would strengthen his desire and his faith. He decided to practice every day. His early exercises would be a charity. He learned to read fast or just the speed of reading was not practicing. From reading the quick reading of his book, he learned some exercises and exercises to do. He would take notes and handle his progress and write down his words per minute (WPM). The more he recovered, the more pleasure he got out of his innovation. He was not only able to read more books, magazines and newspapers, but he also had great confidence. This greater self-esteem and the results he saw would burn his desire, faith, and focus further.


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