What does personal performance mean to you?

It's something special about putting on a personal journey to accomplish something, review all amounts and changes in personal changes and finally achieve the goal you or someone else set for you.

More than performance for your team or community is a great sense of achievement.

What does personal achievement mean to you?

1. Pleasure

When you decide to do something, especially if it's something you've never done before, you can find yourself personally; A sense of pleasure when you have achieved what you wanted to do. It could be something as simple as clearing some clutter or clearing old old clothes that no longer need, or as complex as organizing a trip around the world.

2. Compliance

Chances of satisfaction, but this also means that you may find that you have completed part of the ongoing sense of change or process. For example, if you're discovering how to use a new camera, you can feel when you've taken pictures of photos and viewed them on your computer.

You know you have a lot more learning than fulfilling the original part of the process.

3. Completing a Trip

A change may take a while or take a long time, but once you decide to do something for a few months or years, it is a feeling of great success when you come finally at the destination. This could be something like completing college education or preparing retirement and what you do when you stop working. I can teach with both of these events.

4. Overcoming Protests

When you start talking about changes you want to achieve the goals you hope to achieve, it's common experience that some will tell you it's impossible or you will not be able to do that. But when you're determined to do something and continue despite protests, it's a great feeling when you finally finish it.

5. Prize

It could be a valuable prize when you reach that goal, but the actual value is not necessarily important. For example, a certificate to show you passed a test paper only, but the value of these prizes is wonderful and gives a great sense of personal success. Something that shows you and others what you've gone through on your journey can increase your own understanding of its value.


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