Volunteer for personal growth

You might be wondering how you could join the community but not quite sure how to do this. Becoming a volunteer is a way to help not only other people but also yourself.

There are some simple steps you can take to do this. However, it's a good idea to become clear about what tasks you want to volunteer for, how many hours per week and what types you want to help and work with.

You may want to take part in just a few hours each week so you could search for something close to what you live or work. On the other hand, people want to take time off from normal day to day and are willing or take a much more important role in setting up a new project locally, nationally or internationally to help a group that needs volunteers. If you are able to take the time to do this then you will find the benefits for you as well as those you are putting out to help become awesome. You will get all sorts of useful skills too.

Find out who or what could benefit from your help. You can do this by searching the internet after you decide what type of activity you want to participate in. If you put your postcode in search, you'll find local organizations looking for volunteers.

You can visit your local volunteer who coordinates opportunities.

By visiting your local library or council you can find out about community projects.

Look into your newspaper to find out seasonal activities.

You could set up a system at work with the consent of your employer, such as a group that works for a particular charity, and can hold fundraising activities or provide assistance to build a playground or clear public areas, or organize visits or excursions for groups of people in need helps.

You may participate in your school as a principal or as a director of an institution you want to participate in.

If you want volunteers abroad, VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) offers people aged 18-75 with skills, positions from one month to 2 years with their knowledge.

For those who want volunteers in the UK and have professional skills: community volunteers for training while you are volunteering.

If you want to be out in the fresh air, you can take part in the nature conservation work, take part in trees, wildlife and defenses.


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