Treat anxiety disorders yourself – successful

Do you know that I lost a whole decade of my life for anxiety disorder? Not my own anxiety disorder than my husband. Frankly, I do not know who's worse, suffering from anxiety disorder yourself or having to stand on the sidelines and watching someone you love suffering from one. Finally, I was not, VI, to treat anxiety disorder yourself – with good results! – is possible.

The road to freedom from anxiety for us took almost ten years. My anxiety disorder developed before the internet became so very common in our entire lives. It was not easy to access information as we have today. Our denominator did not mention his age because anxiety disorder was not as prominent talk as it is today. All we knew is that the heart of a blue heart would start to push, he felt dizzy and clammy – he was sure he had a heart attack.

I rush him into the emergency room, the doctor would take some reading and tell us there was no heart attack. Not only that, Rob's heart was strong and healthy. I've taken him home, and for a long time, the symptoms come true. And they continued to happen. Taken from the worries we did with a cardiologist. He could not find anything wrong either.

One afternoon I had lunch with a friend from my bookstore. I shared a little about what had been happening in human health and that doctors were not helpful. "Sounds like an anxiety disorder," she cried. The tears ran into my eyes. She had just thrown us a lifeline … I had a name of what was ailing my husband and the terror of both of our lives.

Going to a doctor did not help to treat anxiety disorder in my husband. Instead, we did our own research. We searched until we found the information that eventually killed my husband and me from grabbing attacks.


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