Too lazy to read speed? Let's rest these 4 Old Speed ​​Reading Myths

Speed ​​to read myth # 1 – Fast reading makes reduction decreasing.

What's Reality: All tests made by fast readers clearly show that memory is better than slow readers. One of the reasons is that reading text quickly, quick readers must have increased strength compared to slower readers. In addition, quick readers have more confidence in their capabilities, which further enhance the memory process.

Speed ​​to read myth # 2 – We can not enjoy what we read quickly.

What's Reality: We can compare slower readers to observer standing close to monuments like the Statue of Liberty. By being too close, they are not able to get the meaning of the artist who would like to read words for words and then they only see a small portion of the statue and not as a whole.

On the contrary, fast readers are far enough to get a general overview of the entire statue and can fully evaluate the artist's work.

Speed ​​to read myth # 3 – Fast reading increases eye pressure.

What's Reality: The principle of fast locking causes quick readers to have less muscle effort to do because they make fewer eyelashes on the text line than slow down readers.

Indeed, when reading, the eye movement along the lines of text is not straight, but in a series of successful jumpers. At the end of each house, the eye fixes text and sends this image to the brain. Thus, a very slow reader will make one fix on each word but quick reader will make one fix every five or six words.

For example, imagine a page of 30 lines, 12 words on line, for a total of 360 words. Bad reader who reads word for word needs to make 360 ​​corrections (one word), which means 360 eyes move. Reader who reads 5 times faster will only make 72 corrections, which means 5 times less eye movement than slow reader.

Speed ​​to read myth # 4 – People should always read at the same rate.

What's Reality: There's no rule and no reason for this. The only rule is that you should be able to read the maximum information when you need it. The rest of the time, everyone is absolutely free to read at the speed he chooses.

Now that you know that this fast-paced myth is just a myth and not a reality, you can be sure that learning to read fast is now one of the best investments in yourself that you can do as information is now new money. The more information you have, the richer you will be. So do not wait to get rich and start learning how to speed up reading now.


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