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Private growth is important for business growth for companies based on souls. In fact, it is useful to consider your own growth to be part of your formal business plan. When you're dealing with helping others gain access to their best self or increase their awareness, you're also doing the same for you. Personal development is based on your mind and perspective, giving you access to new thinking strategies, new ideas and new resources – all of which are essential for a sustainable business.

People are searching for souls-based service providers because they are looking for someone who can help guide them and you will also be a guide to being a guide. You do not have to be far out, but you need to know the landscape and walk it actively. It is not enough to call the same path again and again, either. You also want to look at new ways. If you're not going to grow your own, you can keep your customers back without realizing it.

Many, if not all, soul-based business owners are advocates of personal growth. It's like coming with a territory, right? Even so, there are 3 mistakes I see happening at any given time.

1. They just do not.

The reasons for this ridden spectrum from "I do not have time" to "I just grow by helping my clients" to "I've already done it".

While it is true that most of us experience growth as a result of the work we do with our customers (part of the reason we do what we start with), that's not enough. And is it very reasonable to rely on your customers for personal growth? If that's your policy, it means you know that your growth happens by chance and to treat your business as a game drive is good, gambling.

We need to be aware of increasing and increasing our own awareness as the owners of the souls. This means doing what we know works, as well as testing new methods. It means taking time for personal growth (which differs from "my time"), even when you think you can not afford it or do not have time. Handle your growth as if it were an essential part of your business plan. It is this commitment that will lead to even greater work with your customers and more sustainable business.

2. The environment is not intended to support personal growth.

This is related to the excuse above – "I do not have enough time." Life and business can be enough, even for peacekeeping. With all the requirements of your business, it's easy to drop your personal growth in order to "put customers first", contact more prospects, write more articles, learn new skills, etc. I do not say These things are not important – they are! – But your personal growth is also. If you do not have a system that ensures your growth, it will usually go to the bottom of the list.

Think about designing your environment so that it encourages your personal growth, even in spite of yourself. It may be to build a personal growth seminar in your budget. It can be a part of, or create, a group whose primary focus is on personal growth. (Just make sure you do not drop each other from the hook.) Or it could be subscribed to self-help book summaries because you get a new set of keyboards that you can start to perform each month.

3. They are in one power.

No personal growth professional has all the answers. I'm sure you've heard stories of how to go to extremes. Too often, I see people moving away with the theory or tactics of one of the most experienced experts, even receiving messages or lessons that do not fit or even harm.

When it comes to your growth, it's important to remember that you are multifaceted. That means your approach to personal growth also needs to have many aspects, many perspectives. It's great to find teachers with what you resonate and from what you learn a lot, but it's important that you do not limit yourself. Focusing too much on "one way" sets you up to miss messages from other teachers who can also provide resonance. Learn from different teachers. Try various ways to increase your awareness.

These 3 common mistakes are linked and lead to strengthening each other. If your environment is not designed to support your growth, you are much more likely to do that. The lower the exposure you have the opportunity to grow, the more likely you rely on one specialist. You see a pattern.

The good news is that the solutions also have the potential to strengthen each other.

Attending a course, reading a book or listening to a sound system reminds you why you value personal growth in the first place. This makes it more likely that you will build it in your environment. Learning from different teachers gives you a better opportunity to choose and choose what works best for you anytime, making personal growth much more powerful. The stronger it is, the more likely you are following it.

When the company's sole proprietors make the solutions to these 3 common mistakes, more of themselves have to provide their customers; they are even more insightful about what works for their customers and, consequently, their reputation and their business grow.

What are you doing to design the environment for personal growth?


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