Suffering successfully with gatekeepers

Every month, I receive emails from my readers and ask me how to deal with gatekeepers. They tell me that the biggest annoying part of the auction is actually getting through the decision-maker. They can ask questions like:

"Will he know what this call is about?"


"Has she called you?"


"Have you talked to him before?"

These and other protests hinder sales representatives for the purpose of developing some serious flaws in a call. I'm sure you know what I mean …

Do not you and your team have had a proven approach that really works?

That is, and here are the essentials:

1) First of all, be a great courtesy to the receptionist where she receives sales calls every day! Believe me, the recipient knows the sales representative almost the moment they open their mouths. And one of the safest "says" is that most dealers are demanding and borderless.

That's the first thing to be polite. Use "please" and "thank you" a lot and treat a receptionist like a person – no obstacle to overcome.

2) Do not throw the side guard! This is a fundamental error number one and too many sales representatives are still doing it. At first, the recipient does not care what you are selling or how well it is. Instead, his job is to get you to the right person. Accept it and get good on it.

3) Give directions. Receivers take great policies and are most pleased when they do not have to make decisions about calls. Instead, they are there to lead them. Learn how and you'll be much further.

4) Be ready to push back with a good script. Because you already know what's coming, why not be prepared to handle it successfully? Have a proven script for this part of the call (each part, in fact!) Is to make or break to succeed with it.

So here is the script you need that includes all of the above. Do not take my word for it, but use it and see yourself how much better you will be:

"Hi, I speak to {first name prospects} please?"

Receptionist: "May I tell him / her who's call? "

" Yes please. Please tell him / her that ________ is please. "

If you use it just as it is (by using" please "three times) you will have to put through an amazing 60% + time without further screening!

Do not believe me? and see.


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