Successfully deal with administrators, aggressive and difficult people in your life

While I'm not a psychologist, my experience is to control, critique, and aggressive people who come from thirty years of counseling because of having to deal with this issue very early in life. I used to teach myself to others & # 39; bad behavior, until I learned the truth in the matter. It was a free experience. Here is an overview of years of advice from professionals who helped me deal with the impact of abuse that took place in youth in the hands of angry and managing family members. I do not have any evil will against this person, and now I'm quite sensitive to reading and responding to difficult people as a result. You can have peace, here are a few ways I use to calm down the "storm".

When people you know are very hard for you, without the reason to judge everything you say or do, you realize that it's not telling you they are doing this way. It's their problem, their upbringing and insecurity that show. They may have been mistreated as children, and as a result, they may have deep needs to control things. It's their way to try to do the things "right" in their minds, after previous problems they were unable to manage. Sad but true.

So what are you doing to deal with someone who imposes a difficult judgment, anger or control? Do you feel like you are walking the eggshell when you are in a difficult man? It's a dreary feeling to be trapped in a radar of someone who's hard to connect. You say one thing, they say something else. Or do it along the way, and they tell you it's all wrong and need to make their way. It may be a threat to your self esteem to suffer from bad treatment like this for a long time. If you are constantly saying all you do is wrong or teaches you wrong, how do you feel about yourself? The best thing to do is consider the source and do not take anything that is said personally. Do not let the unrest man define you, remember, you define yourself. Just know you're the one in control. Do not argue. The other one wants to affect you, but you can not tell him anything else. Put your feelings out of it, just check the situation for what it is: you're emotionally stronger than others. You do not force your will on others, or try to make them do things. You know better.

First of all, do not dignify tirades of impurity or mood tantrums with anger again. Let the man have their own problems by not engaging in battle. You do not have to play their game. If you respond negatively, you have "worked" and will feel even more powerful over you. To maintain your energy, the best thing you need to do is set goals or rules for what you want or will not tolerate. This must be calm and without emotion. To be successful, you must maintain this result no matter how difficult administrator tries to trigger feedback. If they try to do something you do not want to do, tell them and then walk away. Be a broken file, by continuing to repeat yourself slowly if they continue to bug you, if necessary. You owe some explanation so whatever you do, do not explain your reasons. Just remove from the situation, quietly. Your silence and calm are over. If they follow you and want to continue discussion, tell them you'll talk to them later, and you'll be alone after that, say nothing else. Just separate yourself from the situation and wait until they are more sensible and quieter if the discussion needs to continue. Keep emotions out of conversation by maintaining a combination. Remember that you have a voice and your opinion matters. When you are dealing with someone who is aggressive and controlling, keep control of the situation by fighting the man.

Your cooler could unnerve and anger your offender. They want feedback from you. Some attackers get up by threatening, swallowing or becoming physical. Do not tolerate violence, if you feel like your life is run, then go for a while. It pays to think ahead in high-voltage places, for safety. Maintain peace by keeping your limits and not fighting. Sometimes the attacker will be tired of pushing the case back down or going to find someone else hassle.

It can be included to manage people but at a distance if possible. Have your own opinions, live the life you want to live without excuses. If you are chosen, keep cool and maintain your own personality. It takes a lot of personal energy to defend itself, so not. Keep this energy for yourself. Remember, this is your life, nobody else. Stay alone with yourself and others. I still have contact with those who try to control me, but I limit exposure to them. They have been "trained" of my lack to fight or argue, but they still try an occaision to drive me up. It does not matter to me because I choose not to take part in the conflict. I believe in myself and will not surrender my personal power to anyone. Be positive and believe in yourself. Your opinions and thoughts are important and they are considered, so do not let the critics get you down.


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