Successfully coped with change – embracing chaos as a nature order

Impact of globalization, increased outsourcing of US operations through unfair international trade agreements, competition from emerging economies such as China and India, accidental endless Iraqi and Afghan wars, recently recorded oil prices, a weakening economy of the US housing market downturn to the trembling of the financial system and deep US recession), Americans and agencies working are forced to shake things up if they want to be afloat.

Look at what is happening in America, once dominated by auto and banking. GM, Ford and Chrysler are asking for federal funds to try to trade while Wall Street heavyweight Lehman Brothers has broken. It seems that the world is in a mess. Well, the truth is that it is what many of us refuse to acknowledge is that it has always been, we have just turned it around because humanity is afraid to accept the fact that we can not control all of our elements existence. Even science can not control anything, but tries to understand life and events with experience and experience. Management and stability in nature occurs, but not how we perceive it. Mankind's desire to defend the world and its events according to our worldview is to lose battles, which leads only to despair, heartbeat and destruction. But what if we embroidered this change / chaos is stable and that we can at the best try to predict changes by analyzing trends?

Key issues that humanity needs to acknowledge is that change / turmoil is the only stability in life, and it is therefore possible to predict and adapt to change that makes it possible to change change necessary to survive and succeed from an individual for planning.

I invite you to listen to what Harvard Professor John Kotter has to say about the change. After all, are not all the issues I declared to start this work due to changes in market conditions or world conditions?

You, me and our organization must bring our thinking from safety and stability to embrace the concept of change / chaos as the only true stability in our existence.


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