Successful organization – five keys to a successful organization

Many companies want to learn the secret to success. While companies have many important points – from a perspective to customer service – one who is often given the least attention, but can be the most expensive, are people.

Your people have the ability to drive customers to you or away from you. To make work fun and simple, or miserable and riffled with issues. They can cause problems or save time and money with their creative solutions. What is a company doing?

Here are 5 keys to make your business successful:

1. Rent the right people – When it comes to recruiting, many organizations lose a signal about:

  • Failure to identify
  • Neglecting to Organize
  • Asking Unlawful Questions
  • Getting Follow-Up or Explanation Questions
  • Supporting the Pressure to Fill Status
  • Make Individual prejudice and stereotypes get in the way

2 . Give them the tools to do a good job – Join Your Employees & # 39; shoes. Do you want to do a better job if:

  • Did you have a faster computer?
  • Was a file cabinet for relevant documents?
  • Printer / copier was near your desk?
  • You have database applications to track customers?
  • There were bins for organizing inventory?
  • Do you have any help in developing a report to monitor projects?
  • The product was not locked and you did not have to submit any paper screw?

3. Give them a positive and constructive feedback – Many companies have a formal review process but rarely use it. Building Reactions are one of the best ways to grow business! People want to know:

  • Know they are doing a good job.
  • Understand what and how they should improve.
  • Understand how they affect business performance.
  • Know how they can affect their status and pay.
  • Learn how they can occur in the company.
  • Heared and appreciated for their efforts.
  • Have open talks with their managers.
  • Have input to their goals.

4. Develop them – Keep in mind that companies do not grow; Businesses are not organizations that can grow by themselves. Companies can improve productivity, acquire new customers, receive new markets, acquire new technology, increase efficiency, develop creative methods, increase profitability, etc. But only with one element – it people. An invention in continuing education and they will help the company grow.

5. Reward them – How do you give your people a good job? Most would say money, right? Yes, people want to make a good life and be well paid for the job they do. It is given. But money is only part of the equation! Different things encourage different people, learn what is important for your people and reward them appropriately.

Keep in mind – the number one reason employees leave their jobs is because of poor bosses. They dwell on good leadership who acknowledges the needs of the people and gives praise and recognition.

Remember that businesses do not change and grow. . . people do it! So be sure to reward and acknowledge the behaviors you want to see. Capture people in the ceremony to do things right and give them the opportunity on the spot with a subjective "thank you"!


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