Standard Test: How to Help Your Class and School Successfully Prepare for Your Exam!

Standard tests! Yes here! These tests have become increasingly important areas for teachers and managers, but jobs are often held or lost based on how well the students do the tests. Most schools conduct some sort of planned preparation and examination before testing is given. The focus of some exam tests and the length of time the tests are tested vary, as appropriate. In my school assistant, we at a faculty meeting say, "If it's not going to CSAP, it's not important to teach it." It may seem like a shocking and even harmful statement from the teacher. However, these tests make a lot of management and he simply responded to that stress. So, questions arise: How much time should you prepare for these tests? What types of exercises and audits are most likely to increase the degree of qualifications?

I think the time spent to test preparation is not as important as the method of preparation. Last revision, consisting of trying to fix content information in students & # 39; head, is rarely effective. In order to succeed, prepare preparations for content during the school year.

Which methods are most effective for giving students a practice for actual testing of the situation? This depends on many factors, of course, but the following examples will help to increase the student proficiency test in most cases.

The most important method is to make sure that the study material is correct and learned in the first place. Just closer to the subject and testing it makes little effort to embed the information permanently in the student brain. Important content must be fully handled by students in order for the retention to take place. It is a mistake to try to "reach" the curriculum at the expense of students understanding. Memory truly is more.

In order to enhance the preservation of content covered by the test, it is necessary to review the information on a regular basis. One policy is known as 10/24/7. Important content is purchased again after 10 minutes, 24 hours and 7 days. This can be extended for 1 month later, etc. It is likely that the contents that are repeated and treated are often the least.

Standard tests always contain critical thinking questions. Here are some methods that allow students to practice these skills:

Strategy one: Let students read a short history, history, etc. Couples then determine what are the most important aspects of history or the way and why. Then pair them with another pair and discuss the ideas that each group found. This kind of discussion helps to improve critical thinking skills and variations that should be shared during the school year so that students are satisfied with this process.

Policy Two: Student diplomas often appear on state examinations. Students need to take positions and write letters to companies, politicians or organizations that explain their views. This is the perfect time to get students to use a simple 5 language policy: 1st paragraph is an introduction with state statement. Levels 2, 3, 4 are supported and examples. The fifth paragraph is the summary. I have seen some students on exams that simply write one short paragraph and think they have addressed this topic sufficiently. One way to prepare this for the school year is to ask students often to take a position and defend it. This can be done verbally as a grade. Students can also work together and who should defend another's position. Again, the more students do this, the more comfortable they become.

Trend Three: Students are often asked to test a photo, graph, diagram or table as part of answering a question. Without students are used to doing this, but it tends to be confusing and they often leave the question blank. In turn, when they complete these types of drawings regularly during the school year, it is safe to know what to do.

No matter what your personal feeling is about the validity of these standard tests, they are certainly here for the next few quarters. "Teaching in Testing" is not a productive strategy. But including the curriculum, the questions they want to see in the exam allow students to achieve the maximum level. Good luck with you and your students!


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