Speed ​​Reading Tips – Importance of Hand Motions

Always look at the speed of the reader to read through a book? What's the first thing you notice how they read, it's significantly different from how you read? If you're like most people, find out that the speed finder used your hands. Ever wondered what role of hands play in speed reading? This article will provide the answers you are looking for this question.

Most people read how they were taught in the third grade. You opened your book and turned to the first chapter, first page, first sentence and first word. You started reading one word at a time. Something else was also happening while you did these methods. Your brain was speaking the words you saw on the page aloud. This differs somewhat from the faster the brain works with text and is related to why they use their hands while reading. Let me explain.

When you look at a page, it looks like there's a little man sitting on the back of the head. This person looks like your eyes and looks at your text. They then judge the words on the page one at a time. Most people do not see a book while they read; Instead, they hear the book. Speed ​​readers work text very differently. Let's learn more about this difference and how handbags play a key role.

However, the book is viewed much more like a movie than a conversation. Within the speed trap brain is the number of images that are processed. Instead of hearing the words on the page, one by one, the speed program is to see information as a movie or as a series of sequences. This is the secret to super fast reading.

Images contain more information than sound waves. I can show you this in an effort. Look at a tree that has visible grain. Imagine trying to describe a particular pattern in the forest with someone over the phone. Explain so well that this other person could really see what you were seeing. It's impossible. Yet an image or image would instantly capture the same information at the moment. But how can you achieve this?

Speed ​​readers use their hands to move their eyes quickly across the site. So fast they can no longer hear the words they see. Therefore, the brain begins to send the information into more visual areas that work the text more as a series of images than as a series of sound waves. It takes only a few hours to learn this technology and most people experience 100% jump in their train speed as a result.


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