Speed ​​Reading Tips – Got a Big Read or Other High Focus Mental Projects to Do?

Let's look at it – the workplace today finds most employees in a continuous stress cycle. Working on the microphone that comes with PDA, mobile phones, chat and so on, there are times when we need to focus our focus and focus on high level of control and thinking. But what do you do? How can you change gears and maximize brain efficiency? Here are some unique tips to maintain great emphasis on your diverse daily work.

1. Take Offense – If you have been charged for the day in a similar environment or set of tasks listed above, your brain probably works in a very exciting beta condition, as the cycle is very short and pronounced. This very exciting state is in contrast to the need for deep thought and effective reading. In plain language you are stimulating. You could keep a few thoughts in mind at the same time and then having a problem concentrating. Brain science has learned that with training we can consciously shift our brain patterns. One way to do this is to take a short or a long break to listen to certain hearing aids. The nerve receptions from the audio input have a major effect on the brain. Listening to certain frequencies can quickly change the brain's brain into alpha states, the highest level of concentration.

In the 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. brainwave training brave college students felt tremendous competitive advantage: the group using brain training technology watched their GPA increase and continued to improve even after the treatment, but those who did not (the steering group) continued to fight for & watch their GPA. Neuroscientists have been experimenting and announcing dramatic cognitive changes with this type of training.

If you need to change gear and spend time dealing with a big reading or other heavy thinking task, spend a few minutes closing your eyes and breathe slowly while you look at the breath. This only takes 1-2 minutes, but can have a significant effect on cleansing your mind.

2. Learn to Read and Fix – The only way you're going to read faster and better understand your reading is to learn to first tap into this amazing brain power you're talented and then the second to build a sharper focus . Once you've focused better, understanding your understanding, remembering and memory improvement and gratitude and satisfaction the reading process is more likely to improve. And the fact is that you probably never learned to focus at school, at work or at college.

If you think about reading faster, you must try to pick up speed. I would like to invite you to find out more tips and sign up for our free speed referrals at http://speedreadingtactics.com/free_speed_reading_tips.html . Reading speed is something you have to work on and focus on until it becomes a habit. We have been helping organizations and individuals learn how to take responsibility for their brains for 30 years. The difference between those who succeed and those who are not really a question of changing old behaviors in new habits. Are you ready to have a different?


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