Speed ​​Reading Tip – Why do we read so slowly?

If you're like most people, you probably wonder why the average person can read so slowly. Part of the answer to this question is the root of ancient history. Let me explain.

Writing evolves to enable people to order spoken information. Alphabets were formed with images or symbols that represented the audio language. To put the symbols in the correct order allows someone to recognize the sounds to repeat the words. While this has been a major advance for many years, it is also one of the main reasons people read so slowly. The problem is today slow reading is no longer an option.

Did you know that more information is published in one week than in all human history in 1800? Did you know that one week in the New York Times contains more information than an individual who lives in the 18th century had to study in his own life? Of course you are aware that we are currently living in the information society. The problem is that we still read how people did when writing was invented. When looking at the text page, something inside your brain describes each word one word at a time. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The solution is to read speed. Let's see how fast-trackers overcome the need to hear every word spoken out loud inside the head.

Speed ​​readers do not hear every word printed on the page. Instead, they see a movie. Everything on the page seems to be a form rather than a sound. Think about this. Most sing their eyes to hear a page instead of hearing it. Is it not wise to see a page as a picture? After all, there are letters, words and sentences? They are just pictures or images. By learning how to see more info while reading and listening a little, the average person can increase his reading speed by 100% or more in more than 2.5 hours. Does not it make sense to read by seeing your eyes instead of hearing with them?


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