Speed ​​Reading Tip: How to overcome visual interference

Have you ever taken the time to watch some fast reading? Did you know that speed chords are actively using their hands. Clearly, when you read speed on the computer screen you do not have to use your hands. This raises an important question of how fast readers use their hands and how it can help you overcome visual withdrawal and related issues.

First, why do you see people using their hands while reading a fast reading? When most read text, their brain hears the information printed on the page slowly. They are actually using their eyes to hear information, instead of seeing information. Speed ​​readers see information in text like they are viewing a movie. There is very little wording on the page that takes place. The hand plays a key role in helping you read visually.

The hand helps to keep your eyes moved over the page during reading. It's common for ordinary readers to stop when they see something interesting. Even the worst, they go back and read the same information again. Why? It was interesting and they wanted to experience the same data again. Keep doing this while you read, and soon you can see how much time is wasted reading the same information repeatedly. This does not happen while reading.

Speed ​​readers use their hands to keep their eyes engaged. If they see something interesting, they keep reading. They do not stop. Continuous movement of their hands keeps their eyes and forces them to stop scanning new information. The hand plays another important role in reading speed. Let me tell you about that.

Many people have a reading problem called visual recurrence. Visual impairment occurs when someone repeatedly reads words to match them in a sentence. Here is an example of someone reading who is visual:

The boy The boy was The boy was throwing The boy was throwing a boy was throwing a ball.

Notice how much redundancy occurred during visual recurrences. It is a very common problem. The speed of movement of the hands while reading is eliminated from this problem. Let's see how to use this solution to help you access visual withdrawal.

Get a familiar fiction book. A book that has nothing in what would confuse you. Choose a book that would be easy for you to understand when reading it slowly. Now you start moving your hand over each line of text. When you move your hand, force your eyes to follow. Soon you will not find any visual consequences. Be patient. It takes a little practice to succeed in this, but you already take the first step.


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