Speed ​​reading technology: 9 Tips to focus while learning to read speed

The "ever-on" electronic information rich and intercultural culture we live in focuses on our ability to focus on and focus. It's an extremely necessary feature that few can claim is not a problem. Strength becomes even more difficult when he learns to read speed. This article will describe 9 methods that you can easily apply while learning to read speed and they pay dividends beyond the reading process.

When you are learning to read speed, one of the hard habits is to overcome thinking. Slow readers are often tiny in their ability to understand, or understand content in front of them. Other inefficient practices such as focusing on individual words make it harder to understand a larger meaning. Even readers who understand well and face challenges when they learn to study speed-based readiness because they focus on how their eyes are moving. However, without focusing on meaning, understanding will always be wicked.

Here you can do it differently:
1. Get enough rest . Without enough sleep, the brain is overloaded. Trying to study these perceptually demanding skills when tired will be a waste of time.
2. Use the right fuel . The brain needs certain nutrients to create the biochemistry needed to study. Charging of sugar and caffeine as well as ingestion of high levels of fat and empty calories from processed foods serves the brain of essential nutrients.
3. Prepare your mind to practice. Practice means doing the necessary exercises that are designed to train your brain to succeed. Before you start exercising, take a moment to calm your mind. There are many different ways to do this. One simple way is to close your eyes and be comfortable watching the breathing procedure for a minute or two until the breath slows and deepens the diaphragm.
4. Prepare for the material . View the content quickly to get a thorough understanding of what it covers.
5. Ask questions based on what you see in the fourth number.
6. Be deliberate . Know what you want to get out of the material and how much understanding is needed for the results of the exercise.
7. Ask yourself constantly. "What's this about?" above each paragraph. Force your mind to respond to what you see.
8. Stop and check for at least a few minutes what the most important things you discovered along the way.
9. Practice Focusing Techniques . There are numerous strategies that can help you build your focus. Simply looking at a candle, or light and notice how long it takes to keep your mind moving somewhere else is one of the simplest techniques you can do. Keep track of how long it takes you to wander away and try to do it any more every time.

Now that you have these nine methods, apply them when you read, not only when you learn to read speed. I would also like to invite you to learn more Free tips .


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