Speed ​​Reading Tactics – What is your "Wanted" Quotient?

When people look at me to read, they will often say something like, "Oh, you're a speed reader. I'll usually answer," No! "I know it sounds flippant but truly does not work. You work it. Speed ​​reading is a systematic approach that you use to learn and absorbing printed content.

I learned how to read faster and better 32 years ago. I was desperate. I was a terrible student in my elementary schools, and about graduating, but still having to work full time. If I were to succeed, I had to learn to do things differently. I needed to learn a new field of action a process that was very deep, but very inefficient.

Behavioral change is difficult. A complex set of abilities, such as speed-reading, can be harder, and we must resist human change, but I noticed this myself during my first stages of my studies ., I was desperate to succeed in learning this skill. It's amazement how desperate can really motivate to succeed.

Over the years of training for tens of thousands of students, I developed quick food to get an early impression of my student interest. I call it a "wildlife quota". It is simply a self-assessment scale from 1 (low willingness) to 10 (high willingness). Hopefully it's obvious that this requires honesty in your answer. If you are not at least 6, you will probably not be successful no matter how you go about learning to read speed.

If you decrease the scale, here are some questions to ask you to raise your quota:

1. What would be the result of becoming a speed examiner? Be clear with clear results in mind. To me, I was through high school with high levels and easy balance of my academic and work life and increased satisfaction throughout my reading.

2. If you were able to double, triple or even fourth reading speed with a great sense, what would it do for you next year, 5 years and 10 years? Looking at this talent and considering the cumulative impact over time, you can help you develop more powers.

3. What would be a better, more effective reader to do for your power? Numerous studies show that most of the million millionaires themselves are greedy readers. The ability to read more with ease gives an unprecedented competitive edge. How committed to your own success are you?

4. How much time on your working day could you save by reading more efficiently? The agency works 3-4 hours a day in reading assignments. If you're fully double your reading speed and efficiency that would give you 10 hours a week to do other important things, or 500 hours a year. It's over 10 weeks of working time that you could save by simply increasing the doubling of your reading efficiency.

5. What could happen to your career / career if you were better able to learn more in less time? Imagine if you have an answer to an important problem or question that nobody else has because you are better informed and you read more than your average colleague's average.

6. What would gain talent speed reading for your personal development? Late administrator expert Peter Drucker used to read 15 minutes a day in a new subject in 2-5 years. He was an expert in many subjects that helped him to be an "expert" in his 90s. The more information you are an expert in, helps us make better decisions in all areas of your life.

Recently, I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer, another expert in self-reliance said: "Willing is something you do not want to do." Think about it for a moment. How many things had you started in the past that did not take place? At some point, you discovered the moment of truth for yourself. Either you decided to do anything, or you gave up for some reason. These reasons are actually reflecting your willingness quota.

The greatest success in what endeavors is willpower. Willing power is a will. How independently are you creating your success? Independently is doing things no matter how you feel. Wishing is the key to learning and learning this powerful collection of learning skills that come to learn to read speed.


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