Speed ​​Reading Tactics – The Double Bind Subvocalization and the best way to overcome it

Learning to read speed can be a challenge for those who want to learn talent at the outset. One of the biggest limiting factors of traditional reading is that as adults we read with a see-tell-hear-known method called subvocalization. It limits the speed you read at the speed of the voice. But when you begin to study fast reading, too much attention is paid to these habits and not to learn how to change it.

Subvocalization means you see the words on the page, tell them in your mind, then you hear them in your mind, and you finally understand them. This routine was performed by early reading and is very profound in your behavior. As you read this approach, you can only go as fast as you can say the words. The average speed is 150-250 words per minute. It's not very fast. Your mind wants to go faster, so one of the products of underfloor reading is mentally. We get bored. The mind goes elsewhere.

As we learn to read speed, we always begin to explain the old habits that interfere with your natural ability to read very quickly. Subvocalization is the one that anyone can easily connect too. Then in the early stages of study, they go to war on underfloor. Often, I've seen beginners shake their heads during the workout. When I ask them what's wrong, they will answer, "I'm still subvocalizing! I do not seem to stop it!" and expressed terror and disappointment with himself.

Then I will tell them, do not worry about subvocalization. Follow the technology you are working on. The subvocal process will be replaced.

It is possible that effective faster will not listen! If your mind persists, you will not understand the subject. (I get so many emails and messages from people who claim to have bought software and they are now going to 2500 words per minute, but they do not understand anything!) Translational mode. If your mind goes slow then you have a double volume.

How do you get out of this double bond?

First, keep your eyes moving at a speed that is well beyond what you can understand spoken words. This happens at over 600 words per minute, but is most effective if it is over 1200 words per minute. In fact, much benefit is going even faster, sometimes 5000-10,000 words per minute initially.

"But I do not understand this speed!" you say. That's right, and not right at the same time. You will not understand the subject in a manner that you are used to to understand reading in a linear, grammatical order you have come to mind. However, if you pay attention to the print as a whole and do not disturb your mind by saying, "I'm not getting anything" you may find that you start to discover some very interesting observations on the subject. With ongoing intestinal exercises, you must train your mind to perceive the subject in a new way. By combining this approach with effective understanding methods, double binders will be removed.

This new perception will lead you to understand the understanding of a new way that is very exciting and very well applied. In addition, you need to wake up your mind to start answering! Traditional linear and subvocal approaches have been shown with hologram ideas to put half of the brain to sleep. It is the dominant function of the left brain. But when you learn to awaken your mind with an effective understanding and effectively focus your eyes with this new, powerful approach, both the right and left hemispheres will be involved.

Imagine it! You will not only be a successful speedier, you can become a healthy reader! I have to take care, though, without the utmost support in your training, you will probably give you old ineffective habits. I have not met anyone who is truly a faster speaker who read a book and achieved good results. I will not say it's not possible, but the odds are very slim. You know yourself the best. How often have you learned a very complex set of behaviors needed to learn new skills by just reading a book?


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