Speed ​​reading methods – fact or fiction?

You may have seen the requirements for reading speed: read thousands of words in one minute and fully understand what you read. Are they truth or hogwash?

In general, truth.

The biggest reading problem we face is that we tend to read aloud, even when we read in our head. These places limit how fast we can read because our voice speed is limited.

When you stop reading out loud, your reading speed decreases automatically.

Most reading techniques will teach you how to read a page after the page's content at breakthrough. How they teach are different. To a minimum, you will learn to read words in "lumps" in two or three words and take them in faster than you usually read.

Many speed reading technology also lets you track lines with a finger or pencil. This helps prevent the eye from being distracted and will in itself increase the increase in your train speed. Think back – how often have you read the same paragraph over and over again (like Groundhog Day) when you lost the place?

Once you've learned the speed of reading, it's the skill that comes to you in life. You can still read back more slowly, for example, when you just want to read a novel about relaxation. But this will not be your default speed.

Finally, there are photographs. This is speed reading on speed. You read the total book in minutes, at the rate of another page. Check out Paul Scheele's Photoreading book for more information.


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