Speed ​​reading advices to enhance understanding and develop my photographic memory

Everyone wants to succeed and earn more money. Today's information company is the most effective way to succeed by learning more information. With average speed only about 200 words per minute, it's easy to see that traditional reading methods simply will not make you successful. Speed ​​reading is the solution you need. However, the speed of reading by itself will not ensure success. You also need to read speed tips to improve understanding and develop my photos so you can remember and keep information while reading faster. This article will provide you with what you need.

The secrecy of understanding comes from a point of view. If you know what you are looking for and know where you find it then it will be easy to learn the information. You will be really like this next policy because it works well. Before you actually read the chapter in a book – scan it. Shine it at very high speed. The speed of 2-5 seconds per page is perfect for skimming. Let's see what you need to see at this very fast pace.

With high speed, your brain can analyze the main pattern. What are the main components of this chapter? Where is the information located? How is the information introduced? Are there any pictures, diagrams, images, custom fonts or anything else that presents important information? When you get a big picture of where the information is located and what key themes it covers, you are ready to start reading for understanding. But you want to do more than simply read fast for understanding. You also want to develop my photo memory. Let's see how to do this.

When you start reading, convert the text to a series of pictures. The more you can form the information on the page, the faster you will be able to read, understand and preserve. For example, do not read about Mick Jagger singing at a concert. Bild Jagger swaggering on stage and singing his famous songs. Do not read about debts over the budget that take place in the parliament. Imagine turmoil and say you're going to see as many familiar faces as possible.

By damaging information before starting to read it and then taking a photo to take pictures of what you're learning, you'll be able to speed up reading while improving understanding and developing your photo memory.


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