Speed ​​and reading

Effective technology to improve speed loading is to use a pacer while you are reading.

Using a pacer while reading will help you eliminate one essential element of right reading, because when we are taught to read we are told to read our ears not our eyes. Meaning we are asked to sound every word so that the teacher can hear that we can read the word correctly and describe the word correctly.

Well, what happens with a lot of people is that they grow up and stop reading out loud but still feel they need to free all the words there to get an understanding of what they are reading. This really slows down how fast you can read because you can only read about 250 words for one minute when you complete words.

To overcome this, you must learn to read through your eyes. And learn to stop igniting the words to get meaning. This is where using a pacer can be useful.

Another factor that can slow down reading is all the interference that is happening around you and the page you are reading. Again a good solution to these issues is to use pacer.

You can use almost anything that's a long pacer; Here are some examples of talent to help you get an idea of ​​what you can use. You can simply use your finger. You can use a chopstick, pencil, pen, all that is suitable for placing the word and the point can be used.

Using the pacer while reading fastest and helping stop the essays are two numbers from slowing down, also helping you remember more of what you read. This is because the use of pacer really adds to the kinesthetic (physical) aspects of your reading. Doing this will help you remember what you read easier because the brain connects with memories, which helps you to remind them later.

The more senses you can use in reading will help to increase your memory of what you read and also what you can remember.

To use the pacer while reading is very simple, all you have to do is select your pacer and put the pacer on the first word of the line, then move it straight across the page to the end of the line and repeat as you read the page.

Another big piece that's important to be a fast-paced reader is to increase your speed-of-hearing, your speed-reading is the time you're able to read with speed for a good understanding and remembering. By increasing your speed response, you can help you train and rearrange your brain to read faster and will allow you to get all the benefits of speed reading faster.


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