Sowing seeds of personal growth

It's May! The season at a new start! What seeds of change do you want to plant in your heart today? In what direction is your life model growing? What harvest do you want to harvest in your life 2-3 months from this? Is it better with friends, family members or colleagues? Is it a healthier body or homosexual heart? Is a project you have the desire to start or finish? Are you used to being ready to shed? Need to wake up your spiritual being again?

How your life evolves tomorrow depends on the seeds you sow today. Now is the perfect time to start protecting your inner yard. Here's how to get started:

Step One: Take the time to reflect deeply about internal or external changes that could significantly affect your life. Take a moment to think about this. Do not limit your thinking; achieve ideal. What do you want to offer in your life? What do you want to create? Who do you want to become?

At this point, you're not looking for the solution, but instead, look for what's most relevant to your life right now. Write an open question that offers you what you want most to become part of your life. For example: How can I find a balance between personal life, family and career? How can I listen and listen to my inner voice of wisdom? How can my life be a stronger expression of a unique and wonderful self?

Step Two: Next, you need to create a safe container where you can plant your vision. Every seed contains enormous abilities, but in itself it is very small and sensitive. Rather than spreading your dream in the fall, put it in fertile soils and put it in a standstill that protects it from destructive forces. Your vision requires time to shoot the roots and environment that promotes its growth.

An example of such a container is to look for companies of others who have a similar view. They can be suggested if they are further traveling or intercourse if you are both putting together. Another buffer is to consciously limit your time with people who do not believe in your dream, especially if you find their energy poisonous to the goal. Another option is to sign up for a course that will strengthen your skills and strengthen your skills in the direction you want to go. Or you can hire a professional – like a coach or career or nutritionist – to help you concentrate and work. Be creative and utilize the necessary support to give your vision a healthy start.

Step three: Change the question you gave up in step one in your search. Your plants require complex, loving attention. Just like talking to a plant encourages growth, you also need to adjust your dream to maturity. It needs to be fed all the necessary nutrients and to be free of anxiety weed that violates it. Be committed to expressing your vision of the vibrant light of positive energy. Believe it. Value of its potential. Allow it to become.

Copyright (c) 2010 Karin Marcus


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