So you want to write a spiritual, self-help or personal growth book

Over the years, one of the fastest growing categories for books has been the self-esteem or personal development. These books tend to be filled with personal stories and spiritual awakening from what appears every day. These stories encourage, encourage and strengthen their readers and your story can do the same.

Keep in mind that when you're working on a book that's very personal, do it personally. One of the biggest mistakes I see with people trying to write this is to forget to put in their story!

By this, I mean that their content tends to become preachy, self-correct and not very inspired at all. Do not fall into the trap to tell others what to do. There is a fine line between criticism and inspiration and all too often do not new writers know when they have gone through this line.

Books in this category should be inspiring and inspired. They should make people FEEL your growth, struggle and breakthrough. This is a relationship with your reader, this is how you help them with the challenges they face, because you show them by example that if you can do that, you can do that too.

Readers in this class expect to have an open door in part of your life and your journey. They want to know that you are in your speech and have the arrow to prove it.

Do not be ashamed of how big and challenging this category can be as if your story has its place here and everyone else.

The key to writing for this category are

  • integrity
  • credibility
  • and honesty.

Write It Down – The point of writing my journey is to encourage others to overcome similar things in their own lives.

My students who have done a great job in this field are

Peggy Ashman with his book "Inexplicable Grace – Adopted Journeys home". A personal journey not only finds its biological parents and family but also understands how it fits into the world around it. This book was not only a powerful cure for Peggy, but it affected the cure of all adoption.

Carrie Sandoval and her book "Magazine has feelings too – Sign back to Sanity." In this work, Carrie, is with us how the process of writing essays literally saved their lives. She walks the reader through her own struggle as a teenager about addiction and how she transformed into an amazing young mother as it is today. This book is full of journalism and instant inspiration.

Candice Otto and her book "Being a place of physical activity." This book is so personal, so powerful and so emotionally charged you just want to find Candice and give her bullshit!

In the Candice book, she opens material that all parents fear her daughter's death. Her struggle to overcome her pain and anger and the peace and gratitude she wears when she raises her grandchildren. Her words are so inspiring, so inspiring and affecting your heart.

These three books have already changed the lives of those who have read them and thank the Divine that they had the courage to share their journey with other parts of the world. Because personal travels have laid their minds for all who read their words.

And your story can do exactly the same.


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