Self-esteem – A key to self-management and personal growth

We each have a great resource, the most powerful gift in the world! This gift is love – pure divine love. This loving energy, this loving presence, is within all of us.

When you were born, you were connected to this love. You did not have to prove yourself or your existence. Look at any newborn that you will see, find, experience this pure, radiant, loving energy.

Love is the most powerful medical company in the world and it's within you. You do not have to prove your worth to be loved. Your essence is love.

But somehow in your life, probably in your youth, you can lose this pure connection to love. You may have learned that you are not good enough that you are not worthy. If you have trouble loving yourself, take the time to exercise your love and self-defense now.

The following are a few suggestions.

1. Set the love in your heart. If you have trouble loving love then imagine the love you find for someone near you. It could be a pet or someone or something else that helps you get in touch with the sense of love. Feel this love in your heart and allow it to grow as well as you can. Knowing that this is your relationship with divine divine love. Practice the feeling of this love in your heart and whenever you can, imagine that you fill your entire being and body with this energy.

2. Write a self-written letter . Sign in, no matter how small it may seem for you. Some examples include caring nature, sincerity, gratitude for physical qualities such as vision, smell, taste, etc. Perhaps you love drawing, writing, singing or playing musical instruments. Maybe you are good at math or talented in your work. You might have helped someone out once. Do not dismiss anything. Learn to be good to yourself and recognize your talents, talents, natural tendencies and tendencies.

3. Take regular time to nurture and pamper your body and spirit. Buy flowers, drink a cure bath, have a massage, play with pets, be in the wild, what you like and promote self-defense. In addition, relaxing and refreshing, you must send a message to your unconscious mind that you deserve to be treated.

4. Be different to what you do and who you leave in your bed. Love yourself means estimating time and energy. Engage in activities that you enjoy and surround yourself with friends who support your welfare.

Your love is like a therapeutic light that can transform you and your world. The more you lose your love, the better you will feel. Also, the more you can love yourself, the more you can express your gifts and talents and shine your light into the world.


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