Restoring ranking: The essence of personal growth

Too much change, too fast, will be contradictory. It can be overwhelming because it reduces our practices, attitudes and values ​​without giving us enough time to fix.

If you've forgotten to be a surprise, it's probably not because you're lost but because you're stuck in situations that have escaped you in accordance with your inner truth. Restoring the order and flow of life is the essence of all personal growth.

To restore harmony, you need to restore greater consistency between your environment and your inner self. This reconstruction work has two things: Change your environment and change internal relationships with the external environment.

To restore ranking to your remote environment, you may need to let friends retrieve your old habits or get out of a destructive relationship at work or at home.

In the latter part, you need to change internal contact with the outside environment. This ranking is more important because you have the perfect power over your inner choice, but you have less impact on your external environment.

Changing internal relationships with your environment takes a lot of work – there are no shortcomings for glory here. The installment – increased peace, harmony, joy, energy, clarity, self-esteem, promotion, pleasure and meaning in life – is its own award!

Here are some important things that can help you restore environmental compatibility.

  1. Revision

Revision of your baseline values. As you do this, the inner sense of integrity will return to your life. When there are no discrepancies in the value-added system, decisions will be easier so you can coordinate the environment that supports your being, rather than suppressing you.

  1. Define Your Purpose

You are the only one who can define what your life needs to look like to have meaning and success. For a moment, imagine that you are at the end of your life and reviewing the life that you have created. What is one of the most important achievements in your life? What is what you want to remember? What is the inheritance you leave behind? When you relate to these core purposes, it will emphasize everything else you do.

  1. Search for explanation

Next, what is your life that pleases you? Even if you can think only one, reflect it until you see why brings you joy. Are you playing with your dog because it allows you to feel unconditional love; or spend time covering family members where you think you are a valuable contributor? Know what brings you joy and why; then start looking for ways to bring more of it into your life. With the clarity of what brings joy and meaning in your life, you will enjoy working on it, instead of tolerating burden.

  1. Grow consciousness

Watch animals in nature and you'll notice how perfect they are at every moment. For them it's a matter of life or death. For you and I, the method leads to the same results, although we are not always aware of it. In every awake moment, we make decisions that either move us towards a fuller expression of life or die of life in us. Create full awareness and you will make more optimal choices.

  1. Be Available

Be Present At The Moment; discipline your mind and bring it back from contextual uncertainty in the future ("What if I get my job" or "What if I get cancer?") The fact is that the future is not yet created and that fearless thoughts are rampant in your mind, you start a chance that can not help you! Likewise, yesterday's shrinkage serves no purpose other than disturbing your focus and emptiness of your energy. At the end of each day, review the events of the day; Forgive those who have hurt or let go; Ask forgiveness for those areas where you have not reached the highest potential; decide how you will do different options; and then let them go ! Stay on – this is the only place where you can make important changes.

  1. Be neat

When looking at challenges, do not limit your potential. Choose different answers find more than one way to view the items. Widen your perspective to include opportunities that you have not damaged before. Consider all the options you can think of before decreasing your choice. You must be amazed at how simple an exercise opens up!

  1. Prohibit self-esteem and negative suicide

When you get self-esteem and negative self-esteem, play back another's old tabs & # 39; criticism and judgment you have implemented. These behaviors are self-suicidal. Stop it! You would not dream of attacking the divine presence in you, so why would you attack human factors that need healing? Healthy infusion acknowledges limitation and failure without judgment and allows you to change behavior that no longer serves you.

  1. Regarding Respect

If your actions were made public, would you hold self-respect? Social rules generally accept greed and dishonesty as long as the actor is not caught. Tolerance of such lack of integrity undermines respect for ourselves and others. Just do what you respect in another and what you would not mind being public. When you respect, you strengthen the foundation of your life and your community.

  1. Stay in the game

The game of life is not completed until the final spirit. Do not give up in half because you've hit the ball. Never let one bad move knock you out of commission – come back in and get the best! Change those things that do not work and focus on what does. Thank you for your break and keep it until the end time! Miracles and breakthroughs often come in unexpected times, but you have to be in the game to benefit from it.

Working with even some of these factors will help you restore a sense of inner and outer environment so you can be the difference our world needs now!


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