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Think about all the people in this country who do not speak English as their native language. These people have a significant disadvantage in a modern workplace, as reading and understanding of writing content is an important part of what you do daily. It is said that many of them have basic understanding in English, although they can not be happy to admit it, and they can read some English words.

Learning to put together these words in review is a much more difficult task. Knowledge of individual words could not give you the ability to understand the writer's tone, possibly sarcasm in the writing, and double markings and beautiful meanings in words. In order to do this you need to have real thought in the spoken language you are reading.

In terms of reading, you should always try to imagine yourself in conversation with native speakers. Imagine they stand in front of you and speak the words on the page and give them a little face and gesture that help you figure out what they say. Reading this way may seem very strange and can be difficult at first if you succeed in words, but it can really help you to get what's going on in the passage.

While you do this, the easiest thing to begin is to find different different pieces to practice with. Choose a fiction, science or academic field and comment or review role and define different aspects of each individual. Fiction pieces will often focus on conversations, and they are probably the easiest to start with because you can easily imagine talking to them. Scientific passwords are not very difficult with regard to hidden meanings; Most sentences and paragraphs are going to explain each other, and you do not have to worry about sarcasm or irony or other writing tricks that would throw you off. The review will be important because you should get a clear picture of the author's point of view. Learning to identify these factors will help you get more contextual clues while reading it to understand what's happening in the passage without words.

The best way to build this spoken language is to have a conversation with native speakers. If you can find a group that learns the language you already know, you can visit the group and help them talk and read their skills while they help you. The more you have in an environment like this, because it's ok to make mistakes and since you can get constructive criticism of pronunciation and vocabulary, the better you will be.


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