Positive Impact of Using Pacer When Speed ​​Reading

When I first heard of the idea of ​​using pacer to improve my rate, I was only skeptical, and was not sure that it would be a real advantage to use one, so I went to see if it was Were there any advantages and if so, what effect does the pacer have on your speed-listening skills?

The first benefit of using a pacer during reading is that increases your speed by forcing you to focus on more than one word at a time.

Another benefit is that helps keep you focused and less distracted because things happen around you or around you or the page you are reading.

Another benefit that I personally feel very helpful is that it helps me to hurry quickly on the next line, I say this because when I was reading using the pacer I was often read the same line by mistake and then lose my flow and become bored and lose motivation to continue and lose the meaning and flow of what I was reading.

The other benefit associated with the latter is that using a pacer helps stop you from losing your place while reading it. It may be useful, for example, to read a train in a book referring to a diagram or photo on the other side and you want to quickly look at the picture to get a better understating of what you are reading, but not to lose your place.

And probably the biggest and best option for using the pacer while reading is that it prevents you from undoing, which helps prevent the sounds you read out loud or in the head. This is important for reading on the freeways because if you click on each word you are limiting the number of words you can read for one minute to about 250. It is much better to run your eyes over the words and get the meaning of that. Reading this way takes practice but is worth improvement in your train speed.

To use the pacer while reading is very simple, all you have to do is select your pacer (eg finger) and put the pacer on the first word of the line and move it well across the page to the end of the line. And repeat as you read down the page.


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