Position in the Church – It takes more than a priest to succeed in the congregation

The church today is very different from churches 15 and 20 years ago. There are many positions in the Church, and each post should relate to the overall progress of the vision and the ministry of leaders. Responsibility is required in all institutions as it begins to grow and the priest must entrust certain tasks and duties to reliable and responsible consultants.

The Church is so abused words of our time that I feel the need to use the word community, place of communion and church interchange. Priests can not run the ministry themselves. People who know and love God are the people the priests need to rely on to carry out tasks, because the souls of people are at stake.

How to prevent in many parts of society people who want to build their own follow-up and set their own appearance within the entire body of Christ or Church model. These people are true threats to what is Christ, appropriate and in order in the local church body and body of Christ. I remember the scripture that says: Matthew 13:30: Let flour and tare grow together, eventually Christ will understand them. "

Sometimes when leadership tries to graze the weeds, the vine is damaged. The importance of teaching and encouraging all faithful confessionaries to study God's Word individually and when they are together. It is interesting how Christians know who are responsible for what and will hold them irresponsible, but not realizing that members of worshipers have personal responsibility towards God, leadership, and those around them.

Many places in the Church are one of those positions which members rarely think of or include members. This correct membership is a position, a position of responsibility and responsibility why? any church member is not only a representative of the body of christ but reflects what is taught in the church in which they interact. not play in words, because the members I'm talking about are those who do not hold an office in the church, is Do you exempt from being responsible and responsible? No. There may be younger members, new members or senior members. Members who believe they do not answer anyone, know the responsibility of those in the lead and lead the leadership in a strict and much higher standard than themselves.

When Aaron and Hur raised weapons of Moses to win the war, Pastor needs help from his employees and workers need to keep their arms apart and the members do not hold the postilions, need to hold their arms them over them and around them. I believe we are responsible for each other.


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